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University of Colorado Denver

University Honors and Leadership

2013-2014 Research Fellows

UHL Student Research Fellows Program


 Research Fellows


 Riannon Atwater

Riannon is continuing her research from last year. Click here to read more about her project. 3

 Kyle Callahan

​Class of 20144

 Peter Costea

​Class of 20145

 Dana Dinges

​Class of 20146

 Greg Fliney

Greg is continuing his research from last year. Click here to read more about his project. 7

 Jacob Harrison

Research Fellows JacobHarr.jpgThe internship I participated in this summer semester was at Sounds True Recording, a company that records, edits, produces, markets, copyrights and distributes audio books and music that focus primarily on spirituality, meditation and general wellness. As a learning experience, the internship was slightly below a class in building knowledge but trumped by far any class in converting that knowledge into practical skills.  Knowledge I gained was mostly specific to how programs like GraceNote, DB poweramp, Chapter and Verse, and most importantly Pyramix worked and what they did.

The most interesting tasks I got to participate in were editing podcasts myself, normalizing tracks if they came out too quietly from engineers, setting up the studio for a session that was going to run later in the day and compiling music tracks from various CDs from the same artist and buidling a "best of CD" from the artist. Overall, the internship far exceeded my expectations. 

- Jacob Harrison, Class of 2015


 Madelyn Hunsley

I work with Dr. Scott Reed in the CU Denver Chemistry Department. Currently, I am working on synthesizing an organic, photochemically active molecure that can potentially be used as a cancer therapeutic. Since UV light, which is currently used in many phototherapies, damages healthy cells and causes tissue necrosis, we want to synthesize a molecule that is activated by near infrared (NIR) light and will ultimately take advantage of the body's cell removal process to remove cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.

- Madelyn Hunsley, Class of 2015


 Tamara Lhungay

Tamara is continuing her research from last year. Click here to read about her project.9

 Miriam Sarwana

At the Eating Disorder Unit, we are working to attempt to make a "profile" for what it means to be a successful family of an eating disorder patient. This past semester, we collected baseline assessments for every family and patient that was admitted into the Eating Disorder Unit. These assessments include measures that evaluate eating disorder symptoms, anxiety, depression, personality characteristics, expressed emotions, family communication, and perceived criticism. We scored these assessments by hand, and set up data profiles for patients for future evaluation. We have also set up RedCap which is a system that we use to gather, organize, and manage the data from the assessments. This will make it easier for us to collect the outcome data in the following semester, and be able to then evaluate the success of the treatment program and inform future treatments.​

- Miriam Sarwana, Psychology, Class of 2014

 Jonah Shuman

​Class of 201511

 Leo Zukin

​Class of 201412

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