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"We are delighted to have three of my colleagues registered to attend this year's NLTA (2016). You'll enjoy them! Sending our largest team ever to NLTA is a vote of confidence in what you all are doing there; it rhymes so well with what we see as the challenge of raising up network leadership and collaborative capacity."
Dave Hackett
Associate Director, Sr Advisor
“The NLTA granted the opportunity to build a learning community around Network Leadership, a unique and valuable offering.” 
Blythe Butler
Network Weaver    
The First 2000 Days Network
“The NLTA was great! Beyond the very informative presentations, we were able to learn so much from the expert participants sitting next to us at our table. It literally helped us get started on planning our next network project.” 
Charlotte Chang
Associate Project Scientist            
UC Berkeley
“The NLTA was a worthwhile experience that broadened my horizons, created access to experts in the field, and gave me a platform to share my experiences with participants. I think the NLTA has started what could become a valuable community of practice about network leadership.”  
Dustin Stiver 
Program Officer
The Sprout Fund / Remake Learning Network
“The NLTA was an excellent introduction to the world of network science. The trainers balanced academic grounding with real world experiences. Highly recommended!” 
Katya Hafich
K12 and Community Outreach Program Manager       
University of Colorado Boulder
“The Network Leadership Training Academy provided me with invaluable theory and skills around network development and analysis. I've brought these concepts into my work with the Colorado Network of Health Alliances in tangible ways, including utilizing the PARTNER tool, increasing my understanding of how our network functions, and thinking strategically about how to engage key members and further our collective goals. NLTA also provided an incredible opportunity to build relationships with peers across the country working on similar initiatives. I've developed some of these initial relationships into ongoing working relationships, which have been important to my work.”
Joe Sammen 
Director of Community Initiatives  
Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved
“As our visionSynergy team members recently reviewed our 2014 work, both my colleague Karin Primuth and I independently listed the Network Leadership Training Academy as our "greatest experience for professional growth and new learning in 2014." It was exhilarating to discover this collection of our kind of people who, as network leaders, were dealing with the same issues with which we wrestle. We found many resources and skilled academics highly applicable to our work. We learned how network mapping could provide practical benefits to understand network dynamics. We strongly commend the NLTA to others seeking to lead networks effectively: Your community of peers and a rich source of learning await you!”
David R Hackett        
Senior Network Advisor      
“NLTA was my first experience with Network Leadership theory. Not only was it a good intro, it delved into the many facets of the discipline. The most useful parts were the practical applications presented. I felt inspired and confident to take the ideas from the conference and apply them at my job immediately. As a programming librarian, I'm always juggling several stakeholders’ interests while seeking out new partnerships and the NLTA helped me feel more able to do so well.”
Jennifer Dewey
Cherry Creek Library, Denver Public Library
“I found the Network Leadership Training Academy to be a more valuable experience than I ever anticipated.  I figured I would get a few small nuggets to take back with me, but instead I left with a completely different perspective on how our program could be operating and how our organizational structure could improve to better support our “network” design.  I left with a better understanding of what it means to have a “network” structure and what implications that has on an operating structure.”
Kendra Bigsby          
Assistant Director    
Colorado School of Public Health at CSU
“What was valuable about NLTA 2014: 1) Networking - finding other like-minded networkers 2) Access to the PARTNER tool 3) Quality teaching from top professors who are passionate about networking”      
Dee Moskoff  
Connect Network in Cape Town, South Africa
“At the NLTA I learned about the research that support networks as a valuable method for cultivating ideas, sharing connections and building community. At this intimate conference, there was the opportunity to learn from the presenters as well as from the other participants. I use the data all the time and implemented some of the break out activities with my clients and the networks that I manage almost immediately.”
Amy Rosenblum
Founder and Principal         
Cultivation Center
“As a newcomer to the area of networks I found the NLTA very informative and directly applicable to my work as a local elected official.  The speakers were engaging and had actual experience in creating and maintaining networks.  The knowledge I gained has helped me in working on and participating in networks as an elected official.  I highly recommend the NLTA to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of networks.        
Tom Quinn    
City Council Member           
City of Lakewood
“I enjoyed the Network Leadership Training Academy last year.  It gave me an invaluable opportunity to share best practices and challenges in running collaboratives with people from different fields of endeavors.”
Homer Teng  
Training Coordinator           
San Francisco Family Support Network
“I have used the network training in my work developing a coalition around Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL).  I think the training was probably more advanced than I needed, but I do use the overall concepts on a daily basis.  An example would be that when I look at who to bring to the table; not those who have already bought into HEAL, but the connections that those with buy-in have.”         
Cindy Campbell        
Healthy Eating and Active Living Coalition at Livewell Huerfano
“The NLTA explored both the art and science of organizational networks and was useful to my work.”
Jenna Bannon          
Early Childhood Systems Building Manager        
Denver Early Childhood Council
“The event was extremely valuable to me because I had a great deal in common with the diverse networks represented. I especially appreciated the way the Academy applied academic research to real-world scenarios. “
Cassalyn David        
Network Director      
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