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Network Science at the University of Colorado


​The University of Colorado’s Center on Network Science is a hub for the multidisciplinary resources related to Network Science across the CU system. The goals of the Center are to be a focal  space where faculty and staff from across the CU system come to identify resources for their own work and to bring common knowledge about the use of network science in multiple disciplines into one place for discourse, resource sharing, and collaborative research. By utilizing a collaborative approach to growing this Center, and inviting experts from around the campus to participate with us in the work, we believe that we are setting the foundation for a sustainable program that will have impacts in many areas. 

The Center provides a space to consolidate information and resources from across the University of CO for faculty, staff, and community partners on building, managing, analyzing, and evaluating networks. The CU system is home to a broad and diverse set of network science researchers. Information on the skills, resources, and ongoing work across the CU system is highlighted here. More information about network science efforts at the University of Colorado is available upon request. The Center provides research and evaluation, offer tools such as the PARTNER and PCN App for both practitioners and researcher, organize trainings such as the Network Leadership Training Academy (both the annual training and an ongoing webinar series), and create campus-community partnerships through a Community Based Participatory Research approach.

Our Center fills a very specific niche in this environment, with a focus on translational use of network data to practice, however, ongoing research across the CU system (in fields such as biology, engineering, public health, computer science, and others) includes many variations of applications of network science. Our Center is internationally known for this work, and given the widespread adoption of the PARTNER tool in 31 countries and over 800 communities, and local interest in the PCN App, we believe that CU Denver is well positioned to provide a unique resource and environment for the growth of network science as a policy and practice tool.  

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