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University of Colorado Denver

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Network Leadership Training Academy


Build, Manage, and Evaluate Effective Networks

Save the Date for the 2017 NLTA: April 26-28.
Registration will open up end of 2016/early 2017. 
**Please note that the information below is for the 2016 NLTA and will be updated soon.**
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The NLTA is a place where public sector leaders gather to learn, share ideas, and develop skills for engaging in the "network way of working". Many people today are deeply involved in the network way of working, but are struggling to find tools and a place to build skills for this new way of connecting across boundaries. This training provides conversations about network leadership, activities and exercises to share and demonstrate skills and ideas, and practical tools to translate back to practice.

Do you engage in partnerships as part of your work? Are you a member of a community collaborative made up of organizations focused on a goal? Have you built up a network of partners to help you reach your organizational and professional goals? Are you looking for a place to learn more about how to do this kind of work effectively? The NLTA is a workshop designed specifically to help you better understand networks and gain skills to more effectively engage in this practice.

The shift to working collaboratively has led to the development of networks and the requirement to achieve “Leadership and Systems Thinking” as a core competency in most jobs. While the “network way of working” has become more accepted (and expected!), the skills required to engage in this kind of work are still ambiguous. The NLTA will bring together practitioners from across the country to participate in a dynamic, hands-on training academy to develop skills that will address how to effectively participate in and manage networks.

What will you do at the NLTA?

The agenda for the 2016 NLTA is packed full of opportunities for attendees to share their own experiences and skills, interaction with the leading trainers and thinkers in networks leadership through presentation and consultation, and topic specific workshops to develop a "network of networkers" in your specific field. Each part of the NLTA is led by a recognized leader in the field and will be a variety of small group, breakout, and large group interactions.

By the end of the training, participants will learn how to:

  • Understand more clearly and better assess the logic of and rationale for networks
  • Better understand why networks develop and what conditions influence their form and success
  • Better understand their own networks, how they operate and how they are structured
  • Have a basic understanding of social network analysis concepts and methods
  • Work more effectively with other organizations in their networks
  • Work more effectively with members of their own organizations who are working in a network setting
  • Improve the benefits of network involvement for their own organization while minimizing drawbacks
  • Be a more effective leader of and manager in a network
  • Meet other practitioners working in networks in your sector
  • Be able to use PARTNER ( to effectively evaluate networks and use network analysis to strategically align goals with outcomes, leverage resources, and strengthen networks.


What will the training be like?

The training will be dynamic, practice-oriented and highly interactive. Drawing on the latest theory, research and practice, the objective of this training is to enhance the skills of network managers so they can be highly effective both in managing their individual organization in a network context and in managing and leading networks themselves. Each participant will leave the workshop with free access to the PARTNER program, instructions on how to customize the program for their own use, and experience necessary to implement PARTNER in their communities.

Who will teach the core training and workshops?

IMG_3715.JPGThe core training will be led by experts in the area of partnership development, network effectiveness, and evaluation of interorganizational collaboration. Breakout workshops will be offered to 1) connect practitioners working in similar fields and 2) provide small group, hands-on experiences for learning and sharing. Each workshop will be led by an experienced practitioner or academic and will include conversation, exercises, and skill building. Together, these trainers compose a team of experts that are well-versed in the topic area, have years of experience translating research to inform evidence-based practice, and are committed to improving the way people can utilize networks to reach outcomes. For profiles of the trainers from the 2016 NLTA click HERE.

How can I register?

Registration closed for the 2016 session.

How much does it cost?

2016 Early Registration Prices*:

  • $625 for Private organizations
  • $575 for Public/Nonprofit Organizations
  • $325 for students
  • $50 off per person for a group of 3 or more

Included with your registration: food during the training times and one hosted reception at a restaurant nearby.

*Early registration pricing ends April 4th.  After April 4th prices will go up $25.


View this year's tentative agenda, and read testimonials from past attendees.  For questions and information on block rooms at nearby hotels, please visit our FAQ's page or contact us at

To receive updates and special announcements, sign up for NLTA email alerts here. You can also “Like” the Network Leadership Training Academy on Facebook or “Follow” the Network Leadership Training Academy on Twitter.

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