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University of Colorado Denver

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Callie Marie Rennison, Ph.D. - Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, Professor, and MCJ Program Director

Callie Rennison

University of Colorado Denver
School of Public Affairs
P.O. Box 173364 - Campus Box 142
Denver, CO 80217 - 3364
Phone: (303) 315 - 2813
Fax: (303) 315 - 2229

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Dr. Callie Marie Rennison is the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, Professor, and the MCJ Program Director at the School of Public Affairs.

Areas of Interest: Nature, extent, and consequences of violent victimization with an emphasis on research methodology, quantitative analysis, and measurement, especially in regards to the National Crime Victimization Survey. Substantively, her research examines violence against women, violence against minority groups such as African Americans and Hispanics, crime data and victim interaction with the criminal justice system. 

Bio: Callie Marie Rennison earned her Ph.D. in 1997 in political science from the University of Houston, University Park.  She received her B.S. in psychology, M.A. in sociology, and M.A. in political science from the same institution. She recently served on a National Academies Committee examining domestic sex trafficking of minors in the United States and was a Senior Researcher at the Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics. Her research has appeared in numerous journals including the Journal of Quantitative Criminology, Justice Quarterly, Violence and Victims, and Violence Against Women.

Callie teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses including Research Methods, Statistics, Murder in America, Crime and the Media, and Introduction to Criminal Justice.

Recent Publications:

Bosick, Stacey & Rennison, Callie. (In Press). Life course and reporting violence to the police. Violence and Victims.

Rennison, Callie Marie, Jacques, Scott & Allen, Andrea. (2016). Victim injury, firearm presence, and social distance. Violence and Victims, 34(1). ​

Cuevas, Carlos & Rennison, Callie Marie (Eds.). (2016). Handbook on the Psychology of Violence. Wiley-Blackwell.​

Rennison, Callie Marie & Addington, Lynn A. (2015).  Rape against emerging adult and adolescent females: Using NIBRS to compare contexts and inform policy. Justice Research and Policy, 16(2), 165-184. 

Rennison, Callie Marie & Dodge, Mary. (2015).  Introduction to Criminal Justice: Systems, Diversity and Change. Sage:Thousand Oaks, CA.

Rennison, Callie Marie. (2015). Sex Trafficking of Minors - What, Where and Who? Orange County Register, Op-Ed.

Rennison, Callie Marie. (2014). Who Suffers Most from Rape and Sexual Assault in America? New York Times, Op-Ed.

Addington, Lynn & Rennison, Callie Marie. (2015).  Keeping the barbarians outside the gate?: Comparing burglary victimization experiences in gated and non-gated Communities. Justice Quarterly, 32(1), 168-192.

Rennison, Callie Marie & Addington, Lynn A. (2014). Violence against college women: A review to identify limitations in defining the problem and inform future research. Trauma, Violence & Abuse, 15(3), 159-169.

Rennison, Callie Marie & Melde, Chris. (2014). Gender and urban robbery: A national test. Deviant Behavior, 35, 275-296.

Rennison, Callie Marie, DeKeseredy, Walter & Dragiewicz, Molly. (2013). Intimate relationship status variations in sexual and physical assault: Urban, suburban, and rural trends. Violence Against Women, 19(11), 1312-1330.

Jacques, Scott, & Rennison, Callie Marie.  (2013). Social Distance & the Severity of Popular Justice:  Reflexive Responses to Violent Victimization.  Violence and Victims, 28(1), 69-89.

Tomsich, Elizabeth A., Schaible, Lonnie, Rennison, Callie Marie, & Gover, Angela R. (2013). Violent Victimization and Hooking Up Among Strangers and Acquaintances on an Urban Campus: An Exploratory Study. Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law, and Society, 26(4), 433-454.

DeKeseredy, Walter & Rennison, Callie Marie. (2013). Variations in predictors of separation/ divorce assault across geographical regions. International
Journal For Crime, Justice and Social Democracy, 2(1).
DeKeseredy, Walter,  Dragiewicz, Molly & Rennison, Callie Marie. (2013). Racial/ethnic variations in violence against women: Urban, suburban, and rural differences. International Journal of Rural Criminology, 1(2), 184-202.
Jacques, Scott & Rennison, Callie Marie. (2013). Social Distance & Immediate Informal Responses to Violent Victimization. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 28: 735-754.
Rennison, Callie Marie, Dragiewicz, Molly & DeKeseredy, Walter. (2013). Context matters: Violence against women and reporting to police in rural, suburban and urban areas. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 38: 141-159. 
  • 2014 Reprint in Routledge Major Works Collection: Critical Criminology, Vol. III. Walter DeKeseredy and Molly Dragiewicz (eds). 

Rennison, Callie Marie & Dodge, Mary. (2012). Police impersonators: An exploration of the pretenses and pretenders.  American Journal of Criminal Justice, 37: 505-522.
Bosick, Stacey, Rennison Callie Marie, Gover, Angela & Dodge Mary.  (2012). Reporting Violence to the Police: Predictors through the Life Course. Journal of Criminal Justice, 40: 441-451.
Rennison, Callie Marie, DeKeseredy, Walter & Dragiewicz, Molly. (2012). Urban, suburban, and rural variations in separation/divorce rape/sexual assault: Results from the National Crime Victimization Survey. Feminist Criminology, 7: 282-297.

Carbone-Lopez, Kristin, Rennison, Callie Marie, Macmillan, Ross. (2012). Violence against against women: Transitioning from single to repeat-victimization status. Journal of Quantitative Criminology. 28(2): 319-346.

Hart, Timothy C. & Rennison, Callie Marie. (2011). Violent victimization of Hispanic students: Findings from the National Crime Victimization Survey.  Race and Justice, 1(4).

Rennison, Callie Marie, Gover, Angela, Bosick, Stacey & Dodge, Mary. (2011). Reporting violent victimization to the police: A focus on race/Hispanic origin of the victim among adolescents. The Open Family Studies Journal.

Rennison, Callie Marie, Jacques, Scott & Berg, Mark. (2011) Weapon lethality and social distance: An extension and test of Black's Principle. Justice Quarterly, 28(4). 

Gover, Angela, Jennings, Wesley G., Park, MiRang, Tomsich, Elizabeth A., & Rennison Callie Marie. (2011). Comparing the influence of childhood maltreatment and self control on dating violence among college students in the United States and South Korea. Violence and Victims, 26(3).  

Rennison, Callie Marie. (2010). An investigation into the structure underlying reporting violence to the police: A focus on Hispanic victims. Journal of Criminal Justice, 38(4).

Melde, Chris & Rennison, Callie Marie. (2010). Intimidation and Street Gangs: Understanding the Response of Victims and Bystanders to Perceived Gang ViolenceJustice Quarterly, 27(5).

Rennison, Callie Marie. (2009).  A new look at the gender gap in offending. Women & Criminal Justice, 19(3). 

Rennison, Callie Marie & Melde, Chris. (2009). Exploring the use of victim surveys to study gang crime: Prospect and possibilities. Criminal Justice Review, 34(4).

Addington, Lynn & Rennison, Callie Marie. (2008). Rape co-occurrence: Do additional crimes affect victim reporting and police clearance of rape? Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 24(2). 

Melde, Chris & Callie Marie Rennison. (2008). The effect of gang perpetrated crime on the likelihood of victim injury. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 33(2). 

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