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University of Colorado Denver

School of Public Affairs

Spring 2012 Workshop on Policy Process Research Seminar

Title: Digging Theories in Environmental Policy and Management

The complexity found across environmental issues from climate change to environmental justice necessitates the use of theories to help practitioners and researchers observe, understand, and act.   To better understand such situations, the Workshop on Policy Process Research (WOPPR) and the Environmental Affairs Working Group (EAWG) are co-hosting a 2012 spring seminar series that seeks to understand the diversity and application of theories across the study of environmental policy and management.  The purpose is to develop a better understanding of the breadth of theoretical approaches, appreciate their differences, find value, and seek out similarities for innovative future research, policymaking, and management. 
This seminar also seeks to link the students and faculty involved in the WOPPR and the EAWG.  The faculty team guiding this seminar series consists of Tanya Heikkila, Peter deLeon, Alice Madden, Paul Stretesky, and Chris Weible.  The faculty team will be assisted by PhD students Sam Gallaher, Sheila Huss, and David Carter, and AMPA student Gabrielle Fidelman.
February 1
Introduction: Tanya Heikkila, Peter deLeon, Paul Stretesky, Chris Weible, Alice Madden, Sam Gallaher, Sheila Huss, Gabrielle Fidelman, and David Carter
February 15
Sarah Hughes, National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
March 7
Toddi Steelman, North Carolina State University
March 14
Lloyd Burton, University of Colorado Denver
March 28
Michele Betsill, Colorado State University
April 4
Denise Scheberle, University of Colorado Denver
April 11
Ron Brunner, University of Colorado Boulder
May 2​ Hank Jenkins-Smith, Oklahoma University
May 9
Synopsis: Tanya Heikkila, Peter deLeon, Paul Stretesky, Chris Weible, Alice Madden, Sam Gallaher, Sheila Huss, Gabrielle Fidelman, and David Carter
Visit the Sping 2012 Series Blog.  The blog postings will consist of a 2000 word statement written by the corresponding presenter that describes (1) their topical area of research and why it’s important, (2) the theoretical approach(es) used in their research, (3) the theoretical and practical lessons learned from the work and theory to date, and (4) the unanswered questions and the future direction in the area.    The last seminar in the series will feature a presentation and paper by the organizing team of deLeon, Stretesky, Heikkila, Weible, Madden, Fidelman, Huss, and Carter that draw lessons learned from across the presentations in depicting the current and future applications of theories in environmental policy research and practice.
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