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School of Public Affairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the CPM program right for me? CPM is designed to improve management and leadership skills, so it’s perfect for people who are already engaged in these activities or want to prepare for those roles.

When and where do classes meet? Classes are scheduled every other month, usually in Denver though they are available via webinar. You will need an Internet connection in order to participate in the online version of the class.

Is CPM available outside of Denver? Yes. Occasionally CPM will travel to off-campus locations, such as the CML Conference. Additionally, if your organization or jurisdiction can provide enough students, we will travel to you in specially scheduled courses designed to meet your needs. Again, you can attend the Denver courses via webinar.

What is the "hybrid format"? All of our classes will be hybrid format, which means about half the class will take place in person (or via webinar), and the other half through online discussion.

How much does the program cost? $300 per course. Additional fees such as books are not included in this price.
Do I have to start the program at a certain time or with a certain class? No. You can join the program at any class (except the Capstone) at any time of the year. Colorado CPM does not use a cohort format.
Once I join the program, what if I can't make a class? Because we do not use a cohort system, any missed class can be made up the next time it is offered. While CPM is designed to allow any student to finish in one year regardless of when a student joins, all students have up to three years to finish the program.
Can I just take a few classes? Or do I have to join the whole program? Any student can join any individual class. It is not necessary to complete the entire program in order to enroll; however, you must apply to and be admitted to the program.
What privileges do I get as a CU student? You will have all the online access you need to participate in our courses. Further, you will have access to the Auraria Library, including its online content. This is a great resource for academic and professional research.

Can I use GI benefits to pay for CPM? The CPM program is recognized by the Veterans Administration as reimbursable training for those qualified to receive that benefit. Please contact us for more information.
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