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University of Colorado Denver

School of Public Affairs

Dual Bachelor / Master of Criminal Justice

The School of Public Affairs offers a unique opportunity for highly qualified undergraduate criminology and criminal justice students.  The Dual Bachelor/Master of Criminal Justice program was approved by University officials in October, 2009.  The program allows qualified undergraduate students to get a jump start on their Master of Criminal Justice (MCJ) degree while simultaneously completely their BACJ degree.

Qualified students can complete up to 15 credits of graduate level criminal justice courses that are eligible to double count toward both their BA and MCJ degrees.  This will allow students to complete the MCJ degree with one year of full time study upon completing the bachelor degree.  As an added incentive, students enrolled in this program will be assessed tuition at the undergraduate rate for graduate credits while they are completing their undergraduate degree.

Students can apply for the dual program anytime from their second year forward, but students will most likely apply during the second semester of their junior year. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. See the below documents for the Application Form and Recommendation Form:



Both current UCD and new transfer students are eligible to apply after meeting the following:

  1. Currently enrolled in the School of Public Affairs as a Criminal Justice major
  2. Complete the University of Colorado Denver’s Core curriculum
  3. Completed 60 semester credit hours
  4. Completed the following 12 semester credit hours in criminal justice: CRJU 1000 Criminology & Criminal Justice: An Overview, CRJU 2041 Crime Theory & Causes, CRJU 3100 Research Methods, and CRJU 3150 Statistics for Criminal Justice (transfer criminal justice courses must have been approved as equivalent).
  5. Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  6. Minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA in criminal justice courses
  7. The GRE or LSAT does not have to be completed for your application to the dual program. The GRE or LSAT does need to be completed for your application to the Master of Criminal Justice program.



Admission to the BACJ/MCJ is competitive.  Applicants will be evaluation on the following:

  1. Grade point average (overall and in criminal justice course work
  2. Grade trend (improving, consistent, or declining)
  3. Total number of credit hours completed
  4. Likelihood of success and persistence based from the Statement of Intent and Recommendation


See the below documents for more information:



For further information contact:

Nora Scanlon, Undergraduate Criminal Justice Advisor and Program Coordinator
Phone:  303-315-0021 | Physical Address: 1380 Lawrence St., Ste. 500  Denver, CO  80204 | Mailing Address: University of Colorado Denver, SPA, Campus Box 142, P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364 | ph: 303.315.2228 | fax: 303.315.2229 | SPA Website Feedback

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