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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media
Iron Pour Festival 2013

Studio Arts Emphasis - (BA)

Visual Arts Department

​In this general studio art emphasis, students take directed (lower through intermediate-level) courses in photography, transmedia sculpture, painting and drawing, along with gaining a basis in art history and digital imaging.

  • Create an extensive, independent body of work, demonstrating mastery in one area of concentration, that meets the standards of a professional portfolio;
  • Translate ideas into imagery that engages viewers visually, emotionally and intellectually;
  • Integrate 21st century technologies with traditional studio practices; 
  • Demonstrate creative problem solving ability and the refinement of conceptual ideas, through research, discovery and invention;
  • Articulate a sophisticated understanding of contemporary and historical art movements across diverse world cultures, and be able to posit one’s creative work in that context;
  • Recognize the conceptual frameworks used by diverse theorists, historians, and art practitioners;
  • Identify opportunities to advance one’s studio practice and to thrive professionally in art careers including: working as artists, art directors, gallery owners, art consultants, museum professionals, and educators.

General Requirements

  • All courses for the major must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better.
  • All upper-division visual arts courses must be taken at CU Denver unless approved otherwise by visual arts faculty.
  • At least 21 semester hours of visual arts credits (at any level) must be taken at CU Denver.
  • At least 18 semester hours of total visual arts courses must be upper-division.

Students must also follow the College of Arts and Media’s general degree requirements.

Total: 18 Hours

Total: 21 Hours

Total: 30 Hours

Total: 6 Hours​