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Lab Piano Proficiency Requirements

Note: Satisfaction of the below requirements are necessary to fulfill the class piano skill proficiency. The exam is typically given following four semesters of class piano, however the Piano Proficiency exam may be taken at any point in the student's curriculum track.

            1. Demonstrate that you are able to play an intermediate level repertoire, or a song by ear at the same level, which you learned during Piano III. You must play both hands.
            2. Demonstrate your ability to play major and relative minor (natural and harmonic) scales up to 5 flats and sharps in two octaves, hands together, with correct fingering, at a speed of a quarter = 70
            3. Demonstrate your ability to improvise on 12 bar Blues progression (I7| I7| I7| I7| - IV7| IV7| I7| I7| - V7| IV7| I7| I7|,) using blues scale or improvise on II V I progression
            4. Demonstrate your ability to play lead sheet (Sample:
            5. Demonstrate your ability to sight-read an excerpt of difficulty by two levels below Level III.
            6. Be able to put together a basic composition, recorded on Logic Express or other compositional software.

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