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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Faculty and Staff

Master of Science Degree in Recording Arts

Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty​ 

David Bondelevitch 

David Bondelevitch, Associate Professor of Music

Massachusetts Institute​ of Technology, B.S. 
Berklee College of Music, B.Mus. 
University of Southern Califonia, M.F.A.

Lorne Bregitzer

Leslie Gaston

Lorne Bregitzer, Assistant Professor of Music

Berklee College of Music 
University of Colorado Denver, M.S.


Leslie Gaston-Bird, Associate Professor of Music

Indiana University, B.A. 
University of Colorado, M.S.

Sam McGuire 

Sam McGuire, Associate Professor of Music

Brigham Young University, B.A. 
University of Colorado, M.S.


Scott Burgess, Recording Lab & Live Sound Manager,

Lisa Funderburg, Program Assistant,

Cara Wallingford, Administrative Assistant,  



Pete Buchwald, Recording Arts Area Head,



Fred Johnson,

Jeff Merkel,

Tira Neal,

Linda Tietjen,

Lorrie Evans,


Visiting Lecturers and Instructors

Kenneth Bergle, Aaron Gant, Timothy Gulsrud, Drew Levinson, John Storyk, and others.


Faculty Specialities

  • Audio pedagogy
  • Post Production
  • Concert recordings
  • Digital audio workstations


Faculty Memberships

  • Acoustic Society of America (ASA)
  • American College of Forensic Engineers (ACFE)
  • Audio Engineering Society (AES)
  • Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE)
  • National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS)
  • Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS)
  • Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)