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MSRA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



What kind of facilities does this program have?

Instructional and laboratory spaces that support the undergraduate and graduate programs include five (5) multitrack analog and digital recording control rooms,  three (3) computer laboratories, performance spaces of Concert Hall, Recital Hall, Theater and Film venues.

What kind of equipment will I be working with?

A broad inventory of analog and digital audio production technology supports the instructional and laboratory elements of the program.  Products included are  Neve, Otari, Sony,Tascam consoles; Tascam, Otari, ProTools recorders; Neuman, AKG, Electrovoice, Beyer, Sennheiser, Crown microphones and various professional signal processing holdings.  We maintain both Windows (IBM) and DOS MAC) computer platforms with the common music/audio software appropriate for each.

Will I need special equipment or software at home?

It is now common for students to have experience in home audio production with computer MIDI/Audio computer systems when they come to the university experience.  While not required, students find this experience very helpful during their studies.

What equipment or software would be recommended for home use?

I make no product recommendations that are not based on a production objective.  Each computer platform and each software design has its production strength.  In general, computer workstations with MIDI, audio editing, audio for video editing, sound sampling and a good audio monitoring system are appropriate for a developing audio engineer.  You will want strong skills in work processing, database and spreadsheet, webpage and Email.