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Summer Music Industry Program

Music & Entertainment Industry Studies Department

​Applications are now open! Please click here​ for details.

The CU Denver Summer Music Industry Program is designed to offer high school students, ages 14-18, a window into what it takes to be a musician today. The program dates are June 15-27, 2014. Significant scholarships are available for families with demonstrated economic hardships, as well as competitive merit awards.

Our vision:

1. Discover & Grow
Cultivate self-awareness, self-assessment, confidence, and an ability to set goals and achieve them. Develop a higher level of artistic and instrumental achievements, and improve industry-relevant fundamental musical skills.

2. Engage & Connect 
Participate in group activities and field trips that cultivate a healthy and thoughtful lifestyle. Offer a community service project in the city of Denver. Explore Denver's music venues, recording studios, and music industry organizations, current influential performers and music industry professionals, and develop a strategy for success in the music industry.

3. Create & Collaborate​
Create original solo and ensemble arrangements and compositions that incorporate an understanding of musical genres, music theory and transcription/analysis, and record/engineer those original works utilizing digital recording techniques. Contribute to a creative and productive team that supports individual growth and achieves the final group projects: Create a demo recording, live show, electronic press kit, & business plan.

Sample daily schedule:

8:15 am


9:00 am

Morning activity

9:30 am

Morning meeting

10:00 am

Special musical presentation

10:45 am

Keyboard workstation

11:30 am


12:15 pm


1:30 pm

Afternoon activity

2:00 pm

Ensemble rehearsal

3:30 pm

Music Business class

4:15 pm

Recording Arts class

5:00 pm


6:00 pm

Private lessons, practice, studio, or jam sessions

7:00 pm

Guest/faculty concert

8:00 pm

Evening activity

8:30 pm

Commuter departure

10:30 pm

Residential lights out