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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

SMIP Students

Music & Entertainment Industry Studies Department

Extended application deadline: April 30. Those wishing to receive scholarship priority should apply by March 31. 

If you have already been accepted, please pay any tuition balance through RegOnline​. You should already be registered after having paid the $35 application fee.

We are now offering the DJ Chonz Scholarship in varying partial amounts. See links below for application forms.

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Mario Rodriguez came into a world filled with the culture of the streets. Although living under the guidance of his devout Catholic parents, Rodriguez dabbled in everything the streets had to offer, from gang life to hip-hop.

In hip-hop, an appropriate nickname is needed. “I used to kick it in my chones [a Mexican slang word for underwear], take out the trash in my chones, so my name was chones for a while. Then people just started calling me Chonz.” DJ Chonz shows his skills on the turntable at KS 107.5 and is the first DJ to ever mix live on commercial radio in Denver. He also continues to dominate the nightclub scene with several weekly events in Denver as well as consistent events in Las Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. DJ Chonz has generously allotted one scholarship in full and some partial scholarships. For more information, see

Additional scholarship awards are available ranging from partial- to full-cost coverage. Please contact one of our co-directors to further discuss scholarships information!

Applications and all supplemental materials are due by April 30, 2014. Please send all materials, including any additional media or supporting materials, to

$1,000.00 Tuition
$400.00 Meals and transportation 
$500.00 Room

  1. Regular application form
  2. Non-refundable application fee of $35.00, payable to CU Denver Summer Music Industry Program via RegOnline. For instructions, click here.
  3. Teacher recommendation form (teacher submitted)
  4. If applicable, financial need-based scholarship application​
  5. If applicable, merit scholarship application and required supplemental materials 
  6. If applicable, DJ Chonz Scholarship​​​ application ​and suggested supplemental materials
  7. Any supplemental materials that you feel would support your application

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