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The Real History of Rock n' Roll

Chris Daniel's rocks its way into a second year with all new legends of the music business


“The Real History of Rock and Roll” is a new class for CAM/CLAS students taught by some of the people who made rock history or who wrote about it first-hand. The material covers Rock and Roll History pre-1950’s – to the present and the historical and social framework of rock music from its roots in country, jazz and blues to the current trends. This course gives students a remarkable inside look at the history and radical changes brought about by the musicians, technology and the social interplay between our history and music. Special emphasis will be given to the expertise of the guest lecturing professors and their first-hand experiences making and writing about the history covered in the class and the include Jock Bartley lead guitarist and leader of Fireball a platinum recording act famous for such hits as “You Are The Woman” and “Just Remember I Love You”, Tim Irvin lead singer for the award winning 50s act Flash Cadillac, Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald former bodyguard for the Rolling Stones, internationally known vet from cable TV’s Animal Planet and nationally recognized comic, Jim Ratts from Runaway Express and his work with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band members on projects like "Oh Boy" the Buddy Holly tribute and the his Woodstock Tribute recordings plus Harry Tuft founder of The Denver Folklore Center and Swallow Hill Music and one of the founders of the folk revival in New York City and Barry Fey, the area's founder of the concert industry and G Brown journalist, historian and radio personality plus Steve Knopper contributing editor for Music Business at Rolling Stone.

Course particulars:

PMUS  4600  001  The Real History of Rock 'n' Roll  MW   12:30-1:45   STARZ 07

Legends of Rock Visiting Lectures:

1) Tim Irvin lead singer for Flash Cadillac on 50s Do-Wop, Chuck Berry, Alan Freed and early Rock
2) Jock Bartley lead singer from FireFall and contributor to the Beatles in Art book to do two sessions - 1) The Beatles a song writing revolution and 2) Country Rock - The Burrito Brothers to the Eagles
3) Jim Ratts - Writer, musician and studio engineer to do two sessions on Buddy Holly and on Woodstock
4) Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald -- comedian, vet, and former head of security for the Rolling Stones to do a lecture on touring with the Stones
5) G Brown to cover the changes in music he wrote about for the Denver Post between 1980 and 1995
6) Steve Knopper -- business editor for Rolling Stone to cover the changes from 1995 to 2005

Come, join us!

Chris Daniels
Assistant Professor