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Ensemble Registration Information

Music & Entertainment Industry Studies Department


The Music & Entertainment Industry Studies Department offers a wide variety of performance ensemble experiences, including singer/songwriter, pop, rock, and jazz.  Each ensemble is listed in the course schedule under its own course number. Ensembles range in difficulty as follows: Beginning (1000 level), Intermediate (2000 level), Advanced (3000 level) and Signature (4000 level).

Ensembles are open to all students. However, participation in an ensemble requires the consent of the instructor. 

Most ensembles require an audition, and audition expectations vary by ensemble.  Students should contact the instructor of the ensemble to inquire about audition requirements.  Descriptions of each ensemble including level of difficulty, instruments, requirements, and director contact information can be found in the links at the bottom of this page.

Ensemble auditions will be held during the last week of classes (auditions will be in May for the Fall semester and December for the Spring semester). The complete audition schedule will be posted in the CAM Advising Office (ARTS 177), the MEIS Office (ARTS 288), as well as distributed via email to all MEIS Students at their university email address.

To register for an ensemble, students must be given a permission number from the ensemble director. The permission number can be used only once and cannot be shared with other students. UCDAccess will require the permission number before the ensemble will be added to the student’s schedule.

Students will not be able to register directly for ensembles in UCDAccess without permission from the ensemble director.  Students can obtain permission from the ensemble director ONLY, regardless of whether the ensemble requires an audition. Students who do not attend the first ensemble class meeting will not be eligible to register for that particular ensemble.

Important information for Audition Track Students (Performance, Singer/Songwriter, Music Business, and Recording Arts)

  • Students must register for an ensemble each and every semester they take applied music lessons. However, students may take ensembles without applied music lessons.
  • Students should consult with their applied music lesson instructor for suggested ensembles.
  • All Audition Track students enrolled in 1000 level Applied Lessons must register for one semester of Performance Practice Ensemble (PMUS 1470) in either the fall or spring semester of that year. Audition Track students enrolled in Performance Practice Ensemble are not required to enroll in any additional ensembles in the same semester.

 Important information for Non-Audition Track Students (Music Business and Recording Arts)

  • Non-Audition Track students must take at least two semesters of ensemble.
  • Beginning musicians may consider Percussion I Ensemble, UCD A Cappella Voices, and Acoustic Guitar Ensemble​.
 Beginning Ensembles:
     Bembe (Beginning Percussion)
     A Cappella Voices
     Acoustic Guitar
     Performance Practice

Intermediate Ensembles:
     Abakua (Intermediate Percussion)
     Rhythm Section Techniques
     Chamber (Fall semester only)
     Musical Theater & Musical Theater Production
     Mobile Device

Advanced Ensembles:
     Rumba (Advanced Percussion)
     Jazz Combo
     Ninth Street Singers (Lark)
     Piano Trios (Spring semester only)

Signature Ensembles:
     Claim Jumpers 
     Voz de la Clave (Latin Ensemble)
     MIX A Cappella

The following courses may also be taken one time each for ensemble credit*:
     Commercial Piano Styles
     Commercial Guitar Styles & Theory - Melody
     Commercial Guitar Styles & Theory - Harmony
     Commercial Singing I
     Commercial Singing II
     Functional Guitar Skills - Acoustic Styles
     Functional Guitar Skills - Electric Styles
     Advanced Jazz Improvisation
     Advanced Vocal Improvisation

*These courses are not offered every semester. Please refer to the course schedule in UCD Access for available courses. Specific courses may be required for Performance Emphasis students depending on the student's primary instrument. Please consult with your CAM Advisor for more information.

For more information on the ensembles and courses listed above including descriptions and instrumentation please download the Ensemble Information Chart.

For audition information, please download the current Ensemble Audition Schedule.