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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Stephen Baker

Visual Arts Department

Steve joined the Digital Animation Center in 2006. He has a Masters Degree in Architecture (M. Arch) from the University of Colorado Denver and a Bachelors Degree in Construction Management (B.S.) for Colorado State University.  He is a licensed architect in the state of Colorado.

For the past ten years, Steve has owned and operated his own computer animation company, The Shepherd’s Workshop, LLC.  During these ten years, he has designed and/or visualized more than thirty churches and cathedrals across the nation.   Several of his projects have been influential in raising millions of dollars in funds for building projects.  For example, his most recent visualization spearheaded the launch of a fundraising campaign and successfully helped raise over twenty-four million in funds.

Steve’s architectural experience includes the areas of CAD, Computer Aided Manufacturing 3D prototype printing and Building Information Modeling. With the aid of these technologies, he has been able to virtually build construction worthy 3D models and construction documents of entire buildings before they are built.

In addition to the many years of experience in the 3D visualization industry, Steve also produces 3D animated children’s videos.  Most notably is the production of a 30-minute series “The Kings of Christmas” which aired on PBS and still airs annually on cable.  He was the director, animator, screenwriter and sound engineer for this two-year production. Coinciding with the video, he published a companion children’s book.

Steve’s professional career reaches across many industries.  Some of these varied industries include providing motion capture and character animation services for accident reconstruction for legal presentations to being the Lead Animator for the graphic animations for HGTV’s pilot series TRENDS.  As well, he has developed advanced visualizations of furniture and cabinetry designs for manufacturers across the nation.  While, most recently his 3D visualizations services helped launch a new product line for Dad Gear, LLC by providing 3D animated simulations of their line of baby handbag products.