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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Michelle Bauer Carpenter

Visual Arts Department

​Michelle Bauer Carpenter is an Assistant Professor of Digital Design and Area Head of the College of Arts & Media at the University of Colorado Denver. Carpenter has produced, directed and edited award winning experimental and documentary pieces. Her video pieces have screened in numerous international and national film festivals and art galleries.

Carpenters​’s prior non-profit work experience with Free Speech TV includes collaboration with grassroots organizations and larger institutions including the Getty Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Roosevelt Institute, Human Rights Watch International, among others. She has received numerous grants including her recent Colorado Council on the Grant and Arts Fellowship.

Artist Statement
“I can no longer think what I want to think.
My thoughts have been replaced by moving images.”

--George Duchamel, Scenes de la vie future

Art provides valuable contributions to the discourse on political and social issues of our day, and transforms the way people confront issues. Utilizing the medium of video and installation, I address personal memories and the construction of romantic and social myth.

In my artwork I have sought to relate the complexity of emotion. Utilizing personal narrative, irony and gathered experiences, my work discusses the manifestation of violence, social constraints and personal loss. Combining techniques of montage and collage I combine original footage with found footage and dialog. Metaphor and connoted meanings are the basis for my image selection and fuel the content of my work.

Many of my video pieces are placed in a mixed media installation setting. I believe this created environment leads to a deeper experience and stimulate the awareness of social issues. Art transforms the way people confront and deal with political and social issues. My artwork asks the viewer to critically examine the complexities of life including violence, social myth and loss.​