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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

College of Arts & Media Theatre Production Series

Fall 2015 Season

Event details are fluid and can change.  For the latest updates, please bookmark this page and check for updates often or call us at 303.352.3500.

Upcoming Theatre Performances

avenue_q_thumb.jpg"OPERATION PARACUTE: Drop Zone Series"

Operation Parachute is an ensemble project exploring issues connected with the costs of wars and presenting live events concerned particularly with issues of veterans and their families, and the wider ramifications to our communities and society.

The plays will consist of:

"JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN" by Bradley Rand Smith, adapted from the novel by Dalton Trumbo: a multi-voice version of the highly acclaimed play about severely injured World War I American soldier Joe Bonham and his struggles to understand and adjust to his new body and situation.

"LZ" by David Earl Jones: Viet-Nam Veteran Jim Plank and his wife Kathy come to grips with obstacles, hard memories, and undiagnosed PTSD as they seek to build a new, post-war life together.

"PAX AMERICANA" by Ryan Kelly: Sargent Steve Obler's Charlie Squad gets stranded in a small Iraqi village and is forced to make some of the hardest choices soldiers in wartime face.

Production Dates for Operation Parachute/Drop Zone:

10/22 7:30 RAWLS: APT/The Things They Carried

10/23 12:00-2:00 RAWLS/ APT: workshop

10/28 7:30 Opening Night RAWLS: Johnny

10/29 7:30 Opening Night KC 175: LZ

10/30 7:30 Opening Night KC 175: Pax

10/31 7:30 RAWLS:  Johnny

11/01 2:30  KC 175: LZ

11/04 6:00 KC 175 Art of War gallery opening

            7:30 KC175 Pax

11/05 6:30 KC 175: Art of War Gallery

            7:30 RAWLS: Johnny

11/06 6:30 KC 175: Art of War Gallery

            7:30 KC 175: LZ

11/07 6:30 KC 175: Art of War Gallery

            7:30 KC175: Pax

11/08 6:00 KC 175: Art of War Gallery

            7:30 RAWLS:  Johnny  

11/11 6:30 KC 175: Art of War Gallery

            7:30 KC 175: LZ

11/12 6:30 KC 175: Art of War Gallery

            7:30 KC175: Pax

11/13 6:00 KC 175: Art of War Gallery

            7:30 RAWLS:  Johnny

11/14 6:30 KC 175: Art of War Gallery

            7:30 KC 175: LZ

 11/15 6:30 KC 175: Art of War Gallery

            7:30 KC175: Pax  

More event questions? – 303.352.3500

or email:

  • Kenneth King Center Box Office:
    • South Entrance of King Center (facing St. Cajetan’s)
      855 Lawrence Way, Denver 80204
    • 303-556-2296 or​
    • Student tickets can be purchased online or on the phone - but a valid student ID is needed to pick up the tickets.
    • Box Office Hours:
      • Monday-Thursday—10:00am-4:00pm
      • Fridays—CLOSED, unless there is a Friday evening ticketed event in which case we will open at 12:00pm and remain open through the start of the event.
      • Night of show—the Box Office will open 90 minutes before the scheduled start time of the show.
      • FREE EVENT PARKING is available in the 7SG with your ticket to King Center events. The Seventh Street Garage is the parking garage located WEST of the King Center.