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CAM's New Student Survival Checklist

College of Arts & Media

Congratulations, you’ve been admitted to CU Denver!  The following is a checklist that you can use to ensure that you have done everything you need to by the time classes begin.

1. Academic Advising

Your advisor will outline your degree requirements and introduce you to the University policies.  You can also use your advisor as your campus “Information Booth.”  Please call 303-315-7400 to make an appointment. 

2.  Registration
Use the SMART system to register as soon as you are eligible, as this will increase the likelihood of securing seats in the classes you want to take.  Your advisor can help you determine the best courses to take.  How to register guide​.

All students are required to pay a $200 non­refundable registration advance payment 
each term prior to proceeding to register. For more information on this fee please see "Questions and Answers on CU Denver Downtown Campus Enrollment and Billing Policy".

3. Student Housing

We recommend that freshman live on or near campus the first year at CU Denver but it isn't required. Housing information can be found here:

4. New Student Orientation

Incoming freshman should sign up for New Student Orientation. There are many dates to choose from:​​

5. College Opportunity Fund

This is the partial government subsidy for in-state undergraduate tuition.  You will need to authorize these funds every semester (complete through the SMART system).

6. Student ID Card

Once you have registered, you can obtain a CU Denver Student ID card.  Take a printout of your schedule and your current photo ID to Tivoli 269.

7. Student Email Account

Email is the official means of communication at CU Denver.  Students should use the free student email account to ensure that all emails (including your tuition bills) are received.  Go to any campus computer lab (such as NC 1204) and ask the lab monitor to help you set up your email account.  Once set up, you can access your email from anywhere in the world.

8. Tuition & Financial Aid

Due to high demand for our classes, we require payment from all students before classes begin to reserve your seat(s) in the course(s).  Students must submit their payments or make payment arrangements before the payment deadline or you will be dropped from your courses.

Links to Tuition and Financial Aid web pages: Tuition and Financial Aid

9. House Bill 1023

EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2006 – The Colorado State Legislature passed HB 1023, which requires the University to gather additional information for any student who applies for and received any form of federal, state, or local public benefits, including in-state tuition and merit, need, or other institutional financial assistance through a state institution of higher education.  Students applying for in-state tuition, scholarship money and/or any other funds from the University must sign an affidavit stating that s/he is lawfully present in the United States and present appropriate identification to the Registrar’s Office.  HB 1023 Info.

10. Student Health Insurance

Students can get health insurance through CU Denver subsidized by your student fees.  For students who prefer to maintain private health insurance, you must submit a health insurance waiver. 

11. Purchase Your Books

Once you are ready to purchase your textbooks and materials, you have a choice of purchasing them on campus or through private retailers.

12. Campus Resources

There are many campus resources for students paid for through student fees.  The following is a partial list.

13. Waitlist Info

Waitlists require that the students be proactive about monitoring their schedules.  Students will not be notified if they are enrolled or dis​enrolled from courses because of waitlists.

More questions? 
Contact a CAM advisor: