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Important Information for Current Students

The University of Colorado Denver's College of Arts & Media is committed to improving the quality and accessibility of educational experiences for students pursuing careers in the arts in the Rocky Mountain region. An important component of this commitment is an undergraduate scholarship program that makes higher education in the arts available to and affordable for talented students.

Students should start in their quest for scholarships at the Scholarship Resource Office website

CLICK HERE​ to view a list of available College of Arts & Media scholarships.

EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2006 – The Colorado State Legislature passed House Bill 1023, which requires the University to gather additional information for any student who applies for an received any form of federal, state, or local public benefits, including in-state tuition and merit, need, or other institutional financial assistance through a state institution of higher education.  Any student who has not applied for financial aid by filling out the FAFSA, or who has not applied for the College Opportunity Fund must also sign an affidavit stating that s/he is lawfully present in the United States and present appropriate identification to the Registrar’s Office in order to receive the benefits.


    Students may be interested in pursuing an internship, which a good way for students to gain “real world” experience, earn college credit, and build networks.

    In order for a student to qualify for an internship, they must:

    1. Have a minimum 2.75 GPA

    2. Have junior class standing (60 credits or more completed)

    3. And be at the junior level in your major-area coursework

Learn more about internships via the Experiential Learning Center website​.