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Alumni Notes

Jimmy Stofer

Jimmy StoferAlumnus Jimmy Stofer, bassist, plays with The Dualistics, an indie/alt-rock band formed 1.9 years ago. The group consists Stofer on bass, Charley Hine (guitar), Tyler Despres (guitar) and Scott Russell (drums). They currently reside in and gig around the “Denverse” of Colorado.

The Dualistics initially started with Stofer and Russell writing and performing songs under the moniker while recruiting their friends Charley and Tyler to play some magic at gigs. The chemistry was evident from the beginning and the decision was made to include them as official members of the band after just two live shows. Their sound could be described as groove-oriented rock with a 90s alternative-perimeter edge/parameter.

Stofer was the touring bassist for the piano rock band The Fray. From their meager beginnings, through their chart (CD/Digital) topping success, The Fray had no official bassist since 2004. Stofer was the bassist for the local rock/funk band Bop Skizzum (which features members of the hip hop group Flobots), while a student at the University of Colorado when The Fray came calling for a bassist. At the time, The Fray had a steady local following in Denver, but their bassist had left the band to become a taxi driver. Coincidentally, Stofer had mutual friends between Bop Skizzum and The Fray, and was asked to fill-in as a temporary replacement. Stofer's talent became evident to The Fray on the local scene.

The Fray, with Stofer, left Denver as a local band, and when they returned, they were on the at the top of the Billboard charts. Stofer and The Fray began to tour locally band-driven van, and ended on up getting their own label-owned bus, with flat screens. He became a staple of the live shows with his melodic-fueled performance, along with his pairing with Joe King on vocals. He is well known as the 5th Fray member who doesn't appear in publications, or press-releases. He made an appearance in the music video for The Fray's Over My Head .

Stofer and The Fray amicably split ways in 2007 and focused his attention on his participation in The Dualistics and The Commentary.

Stofer was recognized in Bass Player Magazine .

Stofer earned a Bachelor of Science degree, Music Business emphasis from the University of Colorado Denver in May 2005.