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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Alumni, Keep in Touch!

There are four ways you could really help us out:

1. Internships. As graduates of our programs, you know know our students and the skills they are learning. Current students are always hungry for internship opportunities, especially local. If you, as an alum of one our programs, would be willing to offer internships (and most internship are unpaid), you can give our students an opportunity of a lifetime to learn valuable skills.

2. Spread the word. You might have just graduated and may be working an entry-level job in a super small business, be a corporation of one, or you may even be the big shot of your own company or the CEO of a large company in our business. Talk to everyone about your positive experiences at the College of Arts & Media.  The more people who know about your education the more the status of your degree and the College will grow.   Encourage those in charge to seek out our students for internships. Ask them if they would be willing to donate money, equipment, or their time.

3. Money. I know. You get those sappy letters in the mail begging you for your hard-earned cash.  I know you may be just starting out and probably won't be able to contribute much. But every little bit helps. Used or new equipment or office supplies (student clubs could always benefit from used computers, paper clips, etc.) are sometimes easier to donate than cash. 

4.  Talk to our students. Education doesn't always happen in a classroom. We want our alumni to talk to our current students about what it's really like out there. You have gained valueable life lessons and we would like you to share them with our students. Some students just want to know what life is like in LA or NYC.  We want to bring you in to guest lecturer or just meet and greet the students at one of our events so they can ask you questions. We would recognize you for your efforts on our web site.

We want our alumni to attend our events (for those who still live in or visit Denver). Our alumni receive free tickets to our events. Just contact us at 303-352-3000 for your free ticket voucher.  Check this page often for our upcoming alumni events. 

For more information about how you can participate, please contact us.

C. Barringer
Bachelor of Science Degree, Music Business alumna
WebMaster and Marketing Director
College of Arts & Media
(K. Hunter contributed to this page)