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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Admission Process

College of Arts & Media

We envision a world made smaller, and more human, by the artist’s interpretation of the human experience. You come to us with a passion for artistic expression. Our goal is to send you out into the world confident of purpose, ready to succeed.


Consider visiting the College of Arts & Media to learn more about our programs and facilities! There are many visit options available.

We encourage high school students to attend one of the LYNX National Arts & Media Camps. The LYNX Arts Camps are summer programs for high school students produced by the College of Arts & Media. The camps are designed to be previews of our college programs and are taught on campus by our faculty. The LYNX Camps are a great way for prospective students to learn more about us while having a fun camp experience meeting students from throughout the country who love the arts.


All prospective students must complete the University of Colorado Denver application to start the admissions process. APPLY NOW to CU Denver!

Music: For those applying for a program in the Department of Music & Entertainment Industry Studies (MEIS), additional music admission requirements must be met in addition to being admitted to CU Denver. Complete information about the MEIS Admissions Process can be found on our MEIS Admissions web page here. 

Applicants are admitted to CU Denver as "Pre-Music" students. A student's major will be updated to "Music B.S." once the student is admitted to MEIS. 

Film & Television: There are no additional admission requirements for admittance into the Film & Television Program other than being admitted to CU Denver. 

Visual Arts: Applicants do not submit a portfolio when first applying to the Visual Arts Programs at CU Denver. Instead, many of the Visual Arts Programs (3D Digital Animation, Digital Design, Illustration, Painting & Drawing, and Photography) require a portfolio submission in order to advance to upper level program courses. The portfolio is submitted after certain pre-portfolio program courses are completed. The portfolio submission generally happens after the first, second, or third semester at CU Denver depending on the program. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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Tuition and fees are established by the CU Board of Regents are are subject to change at any time. Contact the Bursar’s Office if you have questions regarding tuition and/or fees. Use the university’s cost of attendance estimator to learn the total cost of your program.

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) Program enables students from states in the Western U.S. to attend CU Denver at a discounted rate. The WUE program makes CU Denver a wonderful value for students who qualify.

The university offers many options to help students with the cost of attending school, such as financial aid, work-study, grants and scholarships. Please take some time to explore the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office site to learn about options that may be available to you.

LEARN MORE: Bursar’s Office | Financial Aid and Scholarship Office


There are many scholarships available to CU Denver students based on application information. You will be notified if you qualify for one of these scholarships after you are admitted. Make sure to complete the FAFSA and list CU Denver on the FAFSA. In addition to scholarships that may be available to all CU Denver students, the College of Arts & Media offers a number of scholarship opportunities specifically for prospective and current CAM students.

The majority of scholarship applications are facilitated through the Scholarship Resource Office and the CU Denver online student portal.

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Real-world experience is something we pride ourselves in. At the College of Arts & Media you can expect to be immersed in experiences that either get you out of the classroom and into the field or in opportunities where we bring the industry experts to you. We encourage all of our students to actively seek internships that complement their academic experiences and we’ve established a wonderful partnership with the Experiential Learning Center to support these efforts.

CAM students have interned with Disney Pixar, for major television series and NBC Universal and recording studios in Denver and beyond. A list of companies where our students have interned is available on our website here. 

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The University of Colorado Denver offers student housing for students who want to live and learn in the Mile High City. Housing and dining at Campus Village gives students a convenient option for living just minutes away from our classrooms and facilities.

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