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MEIS Admissions

Fall 2019 Application Information

The CU Denver Music and Entertainment Industry Studies (MEIS) Department is the largest music department in the Rocky Mountain Region. As one of the best of the relatively few contemporary music departments in the U.S., MEIS offers modern focused emphasis programs in Performance, Singer/Songwriter, Music Business, and Recording Arts. As a public university, our tuition is lower than most of the other top contemporary programs in the country making our program a great value. 

MEIS offers both non-audition track programs (Music Business & Recording Arts) and audition track programs (Music Business, Recording Arts, Music Performance, and Singer/Songwriter). The non-audition track programs are designed for students who hope to work behind-the-scenes in the music industry, while the audition track programs are designed for students who want to master an instrument and have career options in performance.​

Beginning with the Spring 2019 semester, our non-audition track programs do not require any supplimental application forms. Any applicant who is admitted to CU Denver can start in these programs. 

Audition track applicants must complete supplementary MEIS application requirements (listed below) in addition to the CU Denver application. Audition track applicants are only considered for a fall start at CU Denver. Applicants looking to start during the Spring Semester must start as non-audition track students before auditioning to attempt to switch to an audition track program for the fall. Audition track applicants must complete all three requirements below. These may be completed in any order but they all must be completed by April 1st.

MEIS Fall 2019 Audition Track Requirements

  1. CU Denver Application - Applicants must apply to CU Denver through the Admissions Office and be admitted in order to be considered for admission to the MEIS Department. Applicants are encouraged to apply to CU Denver before January 1st in order to qualify for full academic-based scholarship consideration. 

  2. Music Theory and Ear Training Assessment Exams - All audition track applicants must complete the Music Theory and Ear Training Assessment Exam as part of their application to the MEIS Department. Applicants must only score at least a 55% on the exam in order to be considered for admission. The exam is completed online and is free for applicants. The exam study guide can be found here​. Students can take free practice tests on Here is the link directly to our exam:

  3. Audition - All audition track applicants must either audition by submitting an audition video or by conducting a live audition with our faculty by April 1st. Applicants who choose to audition by video may upload audition videos beginning on September 1st through the website There is a $30 application fee to submit an audition video. The faculty will review audition videos and contact students about the next steps. Please note that faculty may still require an in person audition. 

    Please click on the link below for complete audition requirements for your instrument:

    • Bass - E-mail Paul Musso to schedule a live audition:
    • Cello​ - E-mail Evan Shelton to schedule a live audition:
    • Drum Kit - E-mail Todd Reid to schedule a live audition: 
    • Guitar - E-mail Paul Musso to schedule a live audition:
    • Low Brass - E-mail Bron Wright to schedule a live audition:
    • Percussion - E-mail Todd Reid to schedule a live audition: ​
    • Piano​ - E-mail Ashley Pontiff to schedule a live audition:
    • Trumpet - E-mail Missy Steinbock to schedule a live audition:
    • Violin, Viola - E-mail Gregory Walker to schedule a live audition:
    • Voice  - E-mail Leslie Soich to schedule a live audition:
    • Woodwind  - E-mail Ashley Pontiff to schedule a live audition:​

    Singer/Songwriter​​​ - (Only for Singer/Songwriter Emphasis applicants. Music Business and Recording Arts Audition Track aplicants can not choose singer/songwriter for their instrument. Applicants must accompany themselves on either piano or guitar.) - E-mail Owen Kortz to schedule a live audtion:

Live Audition Dates: Applicants can schedule live auditions with the appropriate faculty member (see above). While in-person auditions are strongly preferred, live auditions may be conducted by Skype or Facetime for out-of-state students who are unable to visit campus. The live audition dates for Fall 2019 applicants are:

  • Friday, November 30th
  • Friday, February 1st
  • Friday, March 1st
  • Friday, March 22nd

We host MEIS Open House events on each of the audition dates 
from 9:00 am-1:00 pm with an optional MEIS Department Tour from 1:00-2:00 pm and an optional Campus Tour from 2:00-3:30. The Open Houses are open to all prospective music students and consist of a Department overview, a student panel, sitting-in on a General Recital class, lunch with the faculty, and optional music facility tours. Auditioning students can come and go to the Open House as needed to audition. Students and parents can RSVP for the MEIS Open Houses by completing this form​. RSVP's are required. If you have any questions, please contact Dave Walter at or 303-315-7487. 

    MEIS Open House Flier.png

We encourage anyone coming to our November 30th Open House to also consider attending some of the MEIS Ensemble Festival ​shows on November 29th! The festival is free and open to the public.​

Important Dates and Deadlines:

  • January 1, 2019 - Early Application Period Deadline - Audition track applicants who have been admitted to CU Denver and have submitted all MEIS application requirements by January 1st will be notified of their MEIS admission decision by January 20th. 
  • April 1st, 2018 - Regular Application Period Deadline - All audition track applicants must apply by this deadline. Applicants will be notified of their admission decision by April 20th. 
  • May 5th, 2018 - Students who are admitted to MEIS during the early or regular application periods must confirm whether they will enroll in MEIS by May 5th. Admitted students can let us know their admission decision by completing this web form. Students who can't make a decision by May 5th, should contact Dave Walter ( to request an extension. 

Important Notes:

  • MEIS only admits audition track students for a fall semester start. Non-audition track students may start in the spring or summer semesters.
  • Applicants are considered for admission to MEIS only after all application requirements are complete and processed. 
  • MEIS application requirements may be completed in any order. 
  • Applicants who apply during the regular application period (January 2nd - April 1st) will be notified of their admission decision on a rolling basis. Our goals is to make admission decisions within three weeks after an application has been completed. ​
  • Applicants applying for the non-audition track programs in Music Business or Recording Arts don't need to complete the requirements listed on this page. These students only need to be admitted to CU Denver to start in one of these programs.
  • Students in MEIS may have a double emphasis (for example: Music Business and Recording Arts). A double emphasis will add coursework and could add an extra semester or year to a student's gratuation time (depending on the emphasis and the number of credit hours per semester a student takes). Please contact Dave Walter (303-315-7487) if you have questions about doing a double emphasis or about choosing an emphasis. A second emphasis can also be added by an advisor at any point once a student is in MEIS. 

This Fall 2019 Application Requirements Form 
contains all of the information on this page in a PDF form.


Please contact Dave Walter, Assistant Director of Outreach & Admission, at 303-315-7487 or e-mail us at