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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

September 7, 2017

Deans Message's

​September 7, 2017 

Message to College of Arts & Media Faculty and Staff Dear Colleagues, 

Several of you have contacted me with concerns about the Justice Department’s announcement to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The New York Times described this action as “the aggrieved language of anti-immigrant activists, arguing that those in the country illegally are lawbreakers who hurt native-born Americans by usurping their jobs and pushing down wages.” 

In yesterday morning’s (September 6, 2017) Chronicle of Higher Education​, there is an article describing the response of major universities to the proposed DACA roll back: 

University of Colorado administrators have already contacted their state's Congressional delegation, urging lawmakers to ensure that people studying at the system's campuses under DACA would be able to continue to do so. A statement​ signed by the system's president and all four campus chancellors said the university would work to assist affected students "in every way possible." The statement said the campuses would not release immigration-related information on students or employees to the police without a warrant or subpoena. Students will continue to be enrolled without regard to their immigration status, according to the statement. 

In this Chronicle article​, CU is mentioned prominently--standing with The University of California at Berkeley, Columbia University, University of Notre Dame, University of Texas, University of Connecticut, Indiana University, University of Washington, University of Massachusetts and others. 

At every Commencement at the University of Colorado, we hear the Norlin Charge​. At my first CU Denver Commencement in December 2014, I felt great pride knowing the CU legacy of courage in the face of discrimination. My pride is rekindled as President Benson, our own Chancellors Horrell and Elliman, Chancellor DiStefano of CU Boulder, and Chancellor Reddy of UCCS are also showing courage by speaking out for undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children, and who have been granted legal protections.

As your Dean, I pledge to stay informed and keep you informed on developments as they unfold. 

¡Onward! ​
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Laurence Kaptain, Dean​​