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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

September 25, 2017

Dean's Message

September 25,

2017 Dean’s Message to all Faculty & Staff, 
Dear Colleagues, 
1) Thanks to all of you for coming to the Provost’s Report-Out on the CAM Cultural Assessment that was undertaken by Mark Carneal (February-September, 2017). To place this work in context here is the group work that has been undertaken to assure that the College of Arts & Media is an outstanding workplace for faculty and staff, with a clear and unambiguous path: 
• Mission: effect change by preparing students to successfully pursue their passions. 
• Vision: envision a world made smaller, and more fully human, by the artist’s interpretation of the human experience. 
• Three values: 
Creative Excellence
Academic and artistic rigor, creativity and innovation are bedrock principles of the College of Arts & Media community and the cornerstone of how we define excellence. As champions of creative excellence in art making and artistic expression we support risk-taking, intellectual freedom and social responsibility. 
We believe in a culture of shared discovery. Our students learn by doing, and as emerging peers, are important contributors to the knowledge exchange. We value rigorous investigation, critical thinking, diversity, collaboration and invention. 
The mission, vision and values were formed by the entire CAM community with the assistance and support of EBH Consulting (Beth Herman) and Brand Aid (Stacy Sopcich). Mark Carneal spoke extensively with 46 faculty, staff and students and skillfully led the Strategic Planning for the College. Each of the Chairs has Priorities for the three departments that were conceived through broad input and leadership from the Chairs. Action Items for these priorities are due November 17th, 2017. Mark has provided us with a framework based on faculty, staff and student input. Lois Todd (also a strategic planning consultant) will be helping us to advance our plan through a visual “road map.”

2) Amy Foss, our Career Specialist with the CAM Office of Academic Advising (and member of the CAM Career Team), will be hosting the Internship and Job Fair this Thursday, September 28th from 11am to 3pm in the upstairs portion of the Tivoli Turnhalle. She has confirmed 12 employers for the College of Arts & Media: 
• Music 
o Boogie Groove Entertainment 
o Legal Talk Network 
o Love Hope Strength 
o Soda Jerk Presents 
o WMD Devices 
o Wildwood Guitars 
• Film & TV 
o Dorsey Pictures 
o High Noon Productions 
o Stage2Studios 
• Visual Arts o Denver Art Museum 
o James Davis Designs
o Tegna Media​

Laurence Kaptain, Dean​