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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

September 18, 2017

Dean's Message

​September 18, 2017 
Dean’s Message to College of Arts & Media Faculty and Staff 

Dear Colleagues, 

1) Work of Bryan Leister, Travis Vermilye, and CU Denver students will be seen on the big screen at Curtis & 14th at the 2nd Annual Supernova at 5:00 pm, on Friday, September 22nd. SUPERNOVA is presented by Denver Digerati with support from founding partners the Denver Theatre District and Denver Arts And Venues Next Stage NOW! CU Denver College of Arts and Media returns as the exclusive education sponsor. Special CAM Reception Friday, 4:30-6:30, at NXT STG Gallery. 

2) VA - 492 students. An increase of 25 students from last year (5% increase) MEIS and Pre-Music - 550 undergraduate students. An increase of 14 students from last year (3% increase) TFVP - 214 students. An increase of 15 students from last year (8% increase) CAM Undeclared - 5 students. A decrease of 6 students from last year MSRA Graduate Program- 9 students. A decrease of 3 students from last year. Media Forensics Graduate Program - 29 students. An increase of 9 students from last year. 
• The total number of CAM students increased to 1,299. There were 1,246 students last fall. This is a 4%increase which is higher than the overall CU Denver enrollment percentage increase of 2%. We have 87 more students in CAM than we did two just years ago. 
• Our total CAM course credit hours are up again this year (15,056 this year compared to 14,982 last year). We were only at 12,851 in 2015. 
• The total number of CAM out-of-state students continues to increase. We have 248 out of state students compared to 228 last fall. Our out-of-state freshman numbers weren't quite as high as last year but were still really good (56 this year compared to 64 last year). In 2015 we only had 30. 
• We have a very big incoming freshman class of 224 students. We had 198 incoming freshmen last fall. Our 224 incoming freshman is a really big number when compared to the other colleges at CU Denver. 
• We have the highest percentage of new freshman to new transfer students of any college at CU Denver. 56% of our new students are freshmen. Last year we were at 53% and in 2015 we were at 47%.

Head count census numbers (pre- and admitted combined):
TV/Film 214/VA 
Art History 17 
Digital Design 131 
Digital Animation 185 
Illustration 72 
Photography 31 
Sculpture 11 
Scientific Media Design 2 
Painting and Drawing 34 

Music Business 238
Singer Song Writing 34 
Performance 46 
Recording Arts 217 
Graduate Media Forensics 29 
Recording Arts 9 

Thanks to Dave Walter, our department chairs, faculty, staff, students,
alumni and friends who helped us to boost enrollments.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 3.52.16 PM.png
Larry Laurence Kaptain, Dean