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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Dean's Messages

March 6, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Here are some updates:
1) The community celebration of the opening of the Comcast Center for Media and Technology was held Thursday, March 2nd and was a huge success. Comcast had over 25 employees and members of their leadership team there, Chancellor Horrell and Comcast Senior Vice-President Matt McConnell gave extended remarks, the Mobile Device ensemble directed by our colleague Todd Reid performed, a student film was shown (made last summer—and supported from a separate gift from Comcast’s NBCU unit), and many members of the CAM Dean’s Advisory Council were on hand. Please watch for an announcement of a CEAS and CAM faculty & staff event to introduce the Comcast Center for Media and Technology. Brian DeLevie is Co-Faculty Director of this new center.

2) New budget model to go in place in AY 2019. The planning for a new budget model is on going. As I have mentioned on many occasions, recruitment and retention will be among the future drivers of how budget funds are determined. Since we have made large gains in recruitment, and have a team in place to address retention—we are ahead of many other units. Next year’s budgets to the colleges and schools will remain the same as this year’s—but there will be a new shadow model showing what we will be facing for budgeting in 2019. So there will be a year of being held “harmless” while the institution does a reset on how funds are allocated. Each of the 3 Chairs has the slide deck that  shows some of the principles going into planning the new model. Karen Ludington and I are each on planning groups to advise on this new model of budgeting.

3) MEIS gets a mention in Forbes​. “Many governments are encouraging ties between the music industry and educational institutions, including Nashville's major label-sponsored program Music Makes Us and COMS' collaboration with the University of Colorado Denver’s Department of Music Entertainment and Industry Studies.”

Have a great week!
Laurence D. Kaptain, Dean
College of Arts & Media--University of Colorado Denver​