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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Dean's Messages

February 10, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Here is a letter with good news:

1) President Benson is increasing the base budget for CU Denver by $5M a year for several years. This is excellent news for the institution. It will mean that some level of merit raise will be available in July, as well as additional investments in CU Denver’s strategic priorities. This is an exciting sign of CU’s commitment in our continued success.

2) Rian Kerrane has received the $25,000 ORS Large Grant funded jointly through the Office of Research Services and the College of Arts & Media. We believe that Rian is the first CAM faculty member to receive this award (the ORS Large Grant) which is the largest offered by CU Denver. Congratulations Rian!

3) Two unexpected gifts of $10,000 and $5,000 came in last week. One is for MEIS and the other for VA. We have quite a few other “asks” out that we expect to have decisions on soon.

4) CAM received its first planned gift. An alum has placed CAM in their will. We just learned about this last week. CAM Film student, Darshae Hobley, helped bring in the gift through her work at the Student Call Center.

5) Several “start-up” gifts have come in for the student agency. These gifts have been designated for the “pitch competition” that Angie Buckley has started as a part of “The Agency.” Her role as Scholar in Residence for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise is gaining more and more student participation as well as recognition throughout the community.

6) Storm Gloor is in Gainesville at the University of Florida with four CAM students attending the a2ru 2017 Emerging Creatives Student Summit - WATER: New 
Directions Through Arts and Science

The adage that “a rising tide lifts all ships” is indeed true. The combined efforts of our faculty, students, professional staff, alumni and community partners are showing results. And while each of the three CAM departments has their own program, curricula, and identities—CU Denver and the College of Arts & Media are brands that will aid in attracting philanthropy, driving up enrollments (CAM applications and admits are way up), increasing retention, providing faculty with the resources to advance their work, and giving students the opportunities to succeed in building their creative identities and assuming their roles as leaders in creativity and scholarship.

Laurence Kaptain, Dean
College of Arts & Media, University of Colorado Denver​​​​​​​