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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Dean's Messages

April 5, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

1) The Provost and Chancellor visited CAM on Monday, April 3 at Noon in the Tivoli Community Theatre. All were invited, but the following is a short synopsis for those that were not able to attend. The Provost reaffirmed CU Denver’s respect and support for the College of Arts & Media. He also said that he is concerned that there seem to recurring concerns and complaints coming from the college. He said that it may be the views of a small group and not representative of CAM as a whole, but it is impacting the college. He expressed that we have the full support of the administration as we work to resolve any outstanding issues and move forward.

2) Provost Nairn then introduced Mark Carneal, Managing Partner of Innovative Resource Consultants, LLC. I invited Mr. Carneal to engage with the College of Arts & Media to better understand how the College of Arts & Media currently conducts business, what the operating rhythm is, the working relationships between the College administration, Provost, Legal Consul, other Vice-Chancellors, and faculty. It will be helpful for all of us to learn what individuals believe are the current opportunities and challenges, and their suggestions to improve the College of Arts & Media. He will be making several more trips to CAM, tentatively April 26th & 27th and May 8th-10th, and then early June. There will be open focus groups for all 3 units, and individuals may also schedule one-on-one time to meet with him. Please contact Shannon Squires to set up a time.

3) I have asked Sam McGuire and our new IT Director Christian Ecker to co-lead a small group to make recommendations for an Intranet  platform for CAM. There will be faculty representation from all three departments in the process of selecting a platform. An Intranet is a dedicated communications web based network. This will allow us to move past email and have a single location for calendar, messaging, file sharing. With faculty and staff input, we will select a platform and then request the entire CAM community make regular check-ins.

4) The CAM Pitch Competition is tonight, Wednesday April 5th; the pitch will begin at 5:00 p.m. in the King Center Recital Hall. There will be a number of donors in attendance who have provided prize money for our student entrepreneurs, and members of the Dean’s Advisory Council will be on the judging panel. If you have the opportunity to stop in and show support to the students, donors and DAC members that would be terrific. This activity has been requested by the students, and the initial “prep” session had over 75 in attendance. Several new donors have learned about CAM through this activity—and have stepped up to support our students.

5) In the past several weeks we (CAM office) have received inquiries about creative and academic relationships and activities in both Cuba and Belize. The Cuba organization is the Fabrica de Arte (a performance/making space) in Havana (led by X Alphonso—who visited us this week) an organization connected with the Biennial of the Americas (based here in Denver), and in Belize there is an individual who is interested in helping to host (perhaps) conferences, symposia, camps and Maymester. The Business School has a Maymester in Belize. Please contact Sam McGuire or Dave Walter if interested in learning more (nothing is firmed up yet—and inquires might be a channel for

Laurence D. Kaptain, 
Dean College of Arts & Media--University of Colorado Denver​