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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Dean's Messages

November 6, 2016

November 6, 2016

Dean’s Message to CAM Faculty and Staff,

Dear Colleagues,

1) Our Assistant Dean for Business Operations Erin Hutchinson has accepted another position and her last day in CAM will be Wednesday, November 16th. That is coming up quickly and I have been in touch with CU Denver’s CFO to look at how to fill this opening—both short and long-term.​

Erin Hutchinson came on board at a time when the CAM business and fiscal operations and tracking were not in place to serve 1,200+ students, 120+ faculty and almost 30 professional staff members. Thus, she entered CAM at a difficult time and worked with dispatch to put systems in place to provide compliance, current information on accounts, planning, analysis and projections. That work has been of great benefit to all of us in the college. Her expertise allowed for growth in faculty and staff lines and student enrollment— along with many other positive contributions like remodeling the CAM Offices, the Tivoli construction projects, CU bldg. 8th Fl. remodeling, and building the initial infrastructure for the new CAM Space in the DPAC Galleria. She also led the search that brought us Karen Ludington—who has provided outstanding support in the many areas of financial tracking and procurement.

While I hesitate to identify a single area of excellence, Erin’s abilities to forecast and find ways to fill positions helped us to gain new tenure-track lines in art history, music history/ethnomusicology, a Chair of MEIS, and a search for a new film/TV line that is about to be launched. She also helped facilitate new staffing in CAM communications, LYNX Camps, CAM Admissions/Enrollment Management, and the recent appointment for entrepreneurship/enterprise leadership, and the research position partially funded by the City of Denver and State of Colorado.

Erin will be accepting a new position at CU Boulder. Please stop by her office to thank her for sharing her expertise and skills to advance CAM.

2) Thanks to our faculty and staff who made the 2016 National Conference for Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) a huge success. From Liz Lerman’s opening Keynote, to Todd Siler’s work with over 60 CAM students, to the CAM ensembles who performed at MCA Denver, Anschutz and the Curtis Hotel, to CAM student William Card’s (MEIS, ’17) presence on this high-level panel:

  • Making the Future — Foresight Thinking to Motivate and Innovate Baerresen Ballroom, 320 Moderated by J.D. Talasek, Director of Cultural Programs – National Academy of Sciences and featuring panelist Jerome C. Glenn, CEO – The Millennium Project; Peter Scupelli, Assistant Professor; Chair, Environments Track; Director, Learning Environments Lab – Carnegie Mellon; Edward Finn, Director, Center for Science and the Imagination – Arizona State University; Charles Lilly, PhD Student – The University of Texas at Dallas; William Card, Student – University of Colorado Denver and Dan Novy, PhD Student – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Laurie Baefsky, Executive Director of a2ru told me how well William did—and how he brought positive attention to CU Denver and CAM.

Todd Reid and Greg Garrison provided student ensembles who provided a major “wow” factor. Avenhart (current CAM students and alums) performed out at AMC. Maria Buszek and Michael Seman appeared on panels and Brian DeLevie made a presentation. Michelle Carpenter, Howard Cook and Storm Gloor were on hand during the student session with Todd Siler that Angie Buckley facilitated, and then I saw many more faculty at sessions and receptions.

Special thanks to Tanida Ruampant, Bill Lewis, Erin Hutchinson, Shannon Squires, Leah Halolin, Morag Nairn, Dave Walter, Sam McGuire, Katryn Bowdle, CC, and any others whom I left out for excelling on production excellence and showing the best face of CAM.

Chancellor Horrell, Provost Nairn, CFO Sobanet, Assistant Vice Chancellor DeLage, Associate Vice Chancellor Damrauer, and many other institutional officials were on hand during the conference.

The Interim Provost of the University of Illinois, the Dean of Art and Architecture at Penn State, deans from Northeastern, the University of Utah, Northern Illinois, a team of 3 from the National Academies of Science, and 250+ faculty and professional staff learned more about CU Denver, CAM faculty, staff anstudents, and the special nature of all that you do.

Thank you!

Laurence D. Kaptain, Dean
College of Arts & Media--University of Colorado Denver