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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Dean's Messages

April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016 

Dear Colleagues of the CAM Faculty and Staff 

On April 1st, 2016 there was a vote of the faculty to determine the frequency for meetings. The vote was taken with an anonymous ballot (and those who could not come to the meeting sent Shannon confidential votes). The results were 27-­1 to sustain the consensus decision that was reached last Spring by the faculty and affirmed by the Executive Committee, which is to have two full CAM faculty and staff meetings per semester. Some comments were heard, including a suggestion that the CAM faculty should meet. I will meet with any individual or group at any time. Shannon helps me with scheduling: Please do not hesitate to request time for individual meetings, small groups—or the entire faculty. 

Thank you for the dialogue and participation in our democratic process, and the reaffirmation of openness and transparency that demonstrates how CAM concerns are addressed when they are heard. And thank you for continuing to support the success of our students – particularly as the semester (and year – for some) comes to a close. Please look at the blog that our students have contributed to on sponsored trips to Art Dubai, SXSW and a2ru Emerging Creatives Student Summit.

Let me give a vigorous and sincere shout out to the advisors as their schedules start to get busy with registration season. Stop and thank our advisors when you see them. 

Brian DeLevie and Noelle DeLage are currently overseas in the Middle East on a recruiting, donor stewardship and CU Denver cultivation trip. The Middle East is a region that is rich in potential for student recruitment and investment in CAM. Michelle Carpenter also has recently made two trips to the Middle East. 

Budgets for next year? Stand by. There is good news so far, as we have been allowed to search for a MEIS Chair, music history specialist, art history specialist and an enterprise/entrepreneurship specialist—so we are in an exciting time for CAM. 

Please pass this link around—as it reaffirms the strength of our curriculum, programs and a bold and bright future for our graduates. Uncle Henry is Wrong. 

Here is the link for the a2ru 2016 National Conference that will be hosted by CU Denver. 


Laurence D. Kaptain, DMA and FRSA Dean, College of Arts & Media