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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

About CAM

University of Colorado Denver

The first college in Colorado devoted exclusively to arts and entertainment, the College of Arts & Media understands the influence of modern trends on traditional art forms.  We combine the latest technology with traditional methods, and we encourage our students to incorporate their discoveries of art's emerging dimensions with our comprehensive instruction on its classical forms. 

At the College of Arts & Media we inspire your artistic spirit while developing your problem solving skills, allowing you to not only increase your technical knowledge, but to also grasp the practical and professional application of your artistic endeavors.

Our faculty is comprised of artistic masters, educators connected to the regional, national pulse of art and entertainment.  The enthusiasm is contagious, and the individualized attention you receive from them exposes you to a diverse set of artistic ideas.​

The College of Arts & Media is located in downtown Denver and is at the heart of its thriving, dynamic arts community.  Whether you work as an intern at a local gallery, visit some of the nation's leading museums, or spend a night at one of Denver's historical music clubs, the urban setting yields endless opportunities for you to learn, experience, and create art both on and off the Auraria Campus.

Checkout “studio” – the official publication of CAM​!