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"I have never heard my daughter talk in a positive way about being in class. She is still talking about the classes she had. She loved them. We have looked at many universities and will go back to look at a couple but (especially after this camp) UC Denver is one of her top choices." - Parent of Camp student 

"Thank you for this incredible learning opportunity. The program was well organized with good communication from staff which gave me (an out of state parent) piece of mind. It truly emulated the experience of being a Music Industry Student in college and solidified my daughter's interest in pursuing a career in this field. My daughter was extremely impressed with the curriculum, the knowledgeable faculty, and the state of the art facilities. As a Californian, the field trip to the awe inspiring Red Rock Amphitheatre was a standout experience for my daughter! The program gave her the time and support to compose and perform her own original song! Bravo to the planning staff, faculty, and administrators of this phenomenal program. I am recommending this program to others!" - Music Industry Program parent

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"My experience was fantastic! I've learned a lot and made many friends. I left class with a smile every day and I was eager to return every morning." - Session Two (film, animation, photography) student

"It was extremely helpful, engaging, and fun overall. I came back to the camp for the second time this year expecting the same type of experience, but I am now leaving with so much more! The camp has been great, and I've truly learned a lot and it's narrowed down what I want to do for a career." - Session Two (film, animation, photography) student

"LYNX camp for me was a fantastic experience. I met other people with similar interests as well as got the opportunity to dabble in different artistic fields that I never would've been able to explore without this camp. It’s given me tools to advance my career in art and I believe I can walk away from LYNX with a better knowledge of the artistic side of the world that surrounds me." - Session Two (film, animation, photography) student 

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"Most impressed-our son was on cloud 9 throughout the entire two weeks!" - Parent of Camp student

"My son felt as if he was a part of a family instantly and it never left him. He didn't want to leave and wants to go back." - Parent of Camp student

"It was awesome. My student really enjoyed everything. My Daughter said the camp was great. The Camp was all I expected, Would like to THANK ALL THE SPONSORS so so much, without people like this who cares about the Arts my daughter would have never experience some like this. Thank for the chance. My daughter would like to get the chance to return next year. Thank you to the instructors, Lynx leaders, and the people who put this all together. The kids seem to bond right off the bat with each other. Great!" - Parent of Camp student

"I have never heard my daughter talk in a positive way about being in class. She is still talking about the classes she had. She loved them. We have looked at many universities and will go back to look at a couple but (especially after this camp) UC Denver is one of her top choices." - Parent of Camp student

"I wanted to thank you and other’s for the experience that you provide at LYNX camp. (My daughter) had a great time and it was transformational for her on many levels. We try to provide many experiences in supporting (my daughter) in finding her way. This was one of the best! There were a few bumps in the road, but that is to be expected and a learning experience that she was able to navigate and triumph over. You have a great group there and I appreciate all you did, including your caring and kindness. " - LYNX Music Parent


"[My student] has a renewed sense of what he wants to do and I owe that to everyone involved with the LYNX National Arts and Media Camp. Thank you for providing these opportunities for the youth and thank you for offering scholarships." -LYNX Film Camp Parent

"I could clearly tell that this experience helped my daughter to think of herself as an artist, and to think of her work as having legitimacy an merit. She raved about her photography instructors, Joann Brennan and Angie Buckley, and it was clear that these women provided much inspiration along with expert instruction." -LYNX Photography Parent

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"I learned from this camp that music is more than just notes on paper. Music is beautiful and emotional and passionate and just fun. This program has inspired me to go home and work my hardest. I've falled in love with music all over again, and I am confident that I can do this as a career." -LYNX Music Student

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the LYNX program this year. It was wonderful to see the students having fun while stepping up to meet their fullest potential. You have created something truly extraordinary. I can't imagine how you were able to pack everything into two weeks; from the impressive guest speakers and artists, to the outings to Red Rocks, Boulder, and museums, not to mention the INCREDIBLE work the faculty did with each student. I am just blown away by the variety and the richness of the experience." -LYNX Music Parent

"I think CU Denver really encourages a creative environment among all musicians. After this program, I see CU Denver as a top notch business school that is focused on teaching not only about the music industry as a whole, but our future in the music business." - Music Industry Program student 


  LYNX Camp Forms, Welcome Packets and Schedules

The 2019 LYNX Camp Orientation Packets will be posted in April or May. In the meantime, feel free to refer to 2018's, they will be very similar in content.

2018 Session One Welcome Packet: 2018 Session One Welcome Packet.pdf2018 Session One Welcome Packet.pdf

2018 Session Two Welcome Packet: 2018 Session Two Welcome Packet.pdf2018 Session Two Welcome Packet.pdf

2018 Session Three Welcome Packet:​2018 Session Three Welcome Packet.pdf2018 Session Three Welcome Packet.pdf


 LYNX Camp History

2014 LYNX Camp 

The CU Denver College of Arts & Media summer camps were started in 2014 as the Summer Music Industry Program (SMIP). The SMIP camp was the brainchild of Owen Kortz and Peter Stolzman, two professors in the Music & Entertainment Industry Studies Program at CU Denver. They saw it as an opportunity for high school students to learn about the academic and career options available in the music industry business and get introduced to the incredible faculty, campus, and resources at CU Denver. 26 students attended the 2014 camp and it was a highly successful first year. The student and parent feedback was very positive with many students stating that they “can’t wait to come back next summer”.

2015 LYNX Camp 

The 2015 Camp took place from June 14th-26th, 2015. It consisted of four camp programs: 

·       Photography

·       Movie Production

·       Digital Animation and 3D Graphics

·       Music Industry (Singer/Songwriter, Recording Arts, Music Industry, Performance/Ensembles)

The camp was attended by 94 students from 17 different states and Mexico. 

2016 LYNX Camps

In 2016 there were two sessions of the LYNX Camp. Session One featured the Music Industry Program and took place from June 5th-17th, 2016. Session Two featured programs in Photography, Digital Animation/Motion Graphics, and Movie Production. 141 students attended the 2016 camp from 23 different states, Puerto Rico, China, and Mexico. Some of the art created by the 2016 students can be found here: 

Movie Production student films: can be viewed here

Music Industry student recordings : 2016 songs

Digital Animation/Motion Graphics student reels: can be viewed here

2017 LYNX Camps

​In 2017 there were three sessions of the LYNX Camp. Session One featured the Music Industry Program and took place from June 18th-30th, 2017. Session Two featured programs in Digital Animation/Motion Graphics, and Filmmaking. In total, 189 students attended the 2017 camp from 20 different states, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. Some of the art created by the 2017 students can be found here: 

Music Industry Program student recordings: 2017 songs​

Filmmaking Program student films: can be viewed here.​

Digital Animation/Motion Graphics Program student reels: can be viewed here.



2018 LYNX Camps

The 2018 LYNX Camp hosted 3 Sessions and 7 academic programs. In total, 230 students attended the 2018 camp from 23 different states plus Brazil & Ecuador. Some of the art created by the 2018 students can be found here.

Music Industry Program student recordings: 2018 songs

Filmmaking Program student film: can be found here.

Digital Animation/Motion Graphics student reels: can be found here​.



 LYNX Camp in the News


Young artists converge at CU Denver to explore their dreams: High schoolers from the U.S. and beyond meet up at the LYNX National Arts & Media Camp

May 27, 2016 article about the 2016 LYNX Arts Camp published by the CU System Newsroom. 


LYNX Camp Music Industry Program featured in the 2016 Summer Camp Guide. Check out Jeremiah Green (Phoenix) rocking out in the picture on the top of the page! 

A Camp the Rocks: At LYNX Camp, more than 90 students from the U.S. and Mexico push artistic skills to new levels.
August 25, 2015 article about the 2015 LYNX Arts Camp published by the CU Denver Newsroom's CU Denver Today publication.

Larry_Victoria_Dave Banquet Pic.jpg

Five Questions for Dave Walter

LYNX Arts Camp Director Dave Walter was featured by the CU Connections Publication on August 20, 2015. Dave answered questions about the 2015 LYNX Camp and his career background. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 2.12.05 PM.png
CU Music Professor Teaches Music and Passion

Peter Stoltzman, the Co-Academic Director of the Music Industry Program at the LYNX Camp, was featured in a March 7th, 2015 article by CU Denver student newspaper, "The Advocate". 


LYNX National Arts and Media Camp featured in the Stapleton Frontporch 2015 Summer Camp Guide

Turning Music Into Money
The LYNX Camp's Music Industry Program is spotlighted in the March, 2015 Edition of DownBeat Magazine.  Fantastic interview with Peter Stoltzman, Co-Academic Director of the Music Industry Program.