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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Pricing & Scholarships

LYNX National Arts & Media Camp

2018 Pricing

2018 Price Chart.jpg


The 2018 LYNX Camp application is now available! >>>> APPLY HERE 

  • The LYNX Camp uses as our application platform. After clicking APPLY HERE, students will be taken to our LYNX Camp homepage on Acceptd. Students can select "Start an Application" and they will then be asked to create an Acceptd account. Once the account is created, students will be able to complete the application. 
  • There is no application fee this year! Applying is free. Families will receive information about paying for the camp after the student is admitted. The camp deposit isn't due until April 15th or one month after acceptance to the camp 
  • Returning camp students: It is easy for you to apply! You will be able to select that you are a returning student to skip portions of the application. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Application Deadlines

Some programs will fill to capacity so students are encouraged to apply early! 

Priority Deadline *- March 15, 2018 

Regular Deadline- May 15, 2018

Late Deadline (Design|Make and Digital Animation/Motion Graphics only)- June 7, 2018

*Students who apply by the priority deadline will have priority for admission and scholarships.

We will try to review applications within two weeks of submission (the teacher/counselors recommendation must also be received.

Payment Information

Deposit Due (half of total)- Prior to May 1st or one month after admission to the camp. 

Remaining Balance Due- One week prior to Camp
      Session 1- June 4
      Session 2- June 10
      Session 3- July 1
* Payment instructions will be sent to admitted students after April 1st.


Apply for scholarships! Apply through the general LYNX Camp application. Significant need-based scholarships are available to students who apply by our March 15th priority deadline. This year there are still some small need-based scholarships availabe for our Design|Make camp. These will likely be available through May 15th.

The goal of our camp is to make it accessible to all students who apply by the priority deadline. Our need-based scholarships help students from low-income and financially-burdened families to be able to attend the camp. A huge thank you to our sponsors for making these scholarships possible!


We will likely be able to provide reduced camp tuition to students who meet any of the following criteria:
  • A parent, guardian, or grandparent is an employee of the University of Colorado.
  • Two or more students from the same family will be attending LYNX Camp programs this summer.
  • A student will be attending more than one LYNX Camp program this summer.
  • A student recruits a friend to come to the camp with them. 
If any of these situations apply to you, please list it in the need-based scholarship section on the LYNX Camp application. We will take it into consideration when awarding your scholarship. 

Additionally, when a former LYNX Camp student applies for college at CU Denver, the CU Denver Admissions Office waives the $50 application fee for any student who attended one of the LYNX Camps! Attending the camp will save you money when you apply to CU Denver during your senior year!

DJ Chonz Scholarship

DJ Chonz is a Denver hip-hop DJ legend and he is a big supporter of the LYNX Arts Camp. He volunteers his time to work with our music industry students during the camp and helps us fundraise for scholarship funds. Students apply for the DJ Chonz Scholarship through completing the need-based scholarship application on our program application. 

Last year DJ Chonz chose Emma Belgard to be the recipient of his scholarship. Emma received a $1,250 scholarship to greatly reduce her cost to attend the 2016 Music Industry Program! Emma plays bass and just finished her sophomore year at East High School in Denver. In 2015, DJ Chonz chose Zaybien Johnson from Aurora, Colorado to be the recipient of the DJ Chonz Scholarship.  

Refund Policy

Refunds are provided under the following rules. A deposit in the amount of half the camp tuition is due for all future LYNX Camp attendees by May 1st. The deposit is non-refundable except in rare, unusual situations. If seeking a refund of the deposit, a family should write a letter to the LYNX Camp Director stating the reasons for why a refund is needed. The second half of the camp tuition is due one week prior to the start of the camp. If a student leaves camp (for non-disciplinary reasons) prior to the third day of the camp, we will refund half of the second half of the tuition (one-fourth of the total tuition amount). After the second day of the camp, we won't refund any money if a student leaves the camp except in rare, unusual situations. Please note that no refunds are provided when a student is removed from camp for disciplinary reasons (see camp registration forms for more information).

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