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University of Colorado Denver

College of Arts & Media

Frequently Asked Questions

LYNX National Arts & Media Camp

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                       LYNX Camp Frequently Asked Questions

How many students attended the 2016 LYNX Camp? 

  • Session One (music industry) was attended by 62 students. Session Two (Photography, Digital Animation/Motion Graphics, and Movie Production) was attended by 79 students. We had students enrolled from 23 different states and Puerto Rico, Mexico, and China! 

How many students will attend the 2017 LYNX Camp?
  • We will limit Session One (music industry program) to 75 students. We will limit Session Two (film and digital animation/motion graphics programs) to 45 students per program (90 total). We will limit the Session Three programs (photography, sculpture, advanced singer/songrwriter, and CAM preivew week) to 20 students per program. We anticipate that most of our programs will fill to capacity. 
I will finish 8th grade this May/June. Can I attend the LYNX Camp? 

  • Yes, all high school students are eligible to attend, including students who have completed 8th​ grade by the start of the camp.​

I will graduate from high school in May/June. Can I attend the LYNX Camp? 

  • Yes, students who have just graduated from high school are eligible to attend.

My family can't afford the camp, should I still apply? 

  • ​Yes, we encourage students to apply even if they can't afford the listed camp cost. Students must apply by our March 31st Priority Deadline in order to receive need-based scholarships. Many students receive scholarships that allow them to attend. ​

What is the deadline to submit my application? 

  • The priority deadline is March 31stStudents who apply by the March 31st priority deadline receive priority for admission and scholarships. 

  • Our final application deadline is May 15th. There is a strong liklihood that some of our programs will fill up before this date. Students are encouraged to apply by the priority deadline. 

What happens after I submit my application?

  • ​Once you submit your application, an e-mail will be sent to your teacher/counselor recommender. Once the teacher/counselor completes the online recommendation form, your application will be complete. We recommend that students follow-up with their recommender to make sure that the recommender receives the e-mail and completes the form. 

  • Once we receive the recommendation form, we usually make an admission decision within two weeks. Students will be notified of their admission decision by e-mail. 

What happens after I've received my admission decision and have been admitted?

  • In April, admitted students will receive a registration packet. Please print these forms, fill them out by hand, and then scan and e-mail them back to us. You cannot attend the camp without returning these completed forms. 

  • If you applied for a scholarship, you will be notified if you received a scholarship between April 5th and April 15th.

  • You'll receive payment instructions. A deposit payment in the amound of half the camp cost is required by May 1st to reserve your spot at the camp. All camp payments must be made by the start of the session of the camp that you're attending. 

What does my schedule look like? 

  • You will receive a personalized schedule at camp. Generally, during the weekdays students are in specialized classes and guest lectures with breaks for all-camp activities and meals. For our residential programs (during Sessions One and Two), the evenings are spent at various arts and cultural events both on and off of campus. On the middle weekend, students will take exciting off-campus field trips and get to produce a student talent show. The last day of camp will feature a student showcase where students exhibit what they've done at the camp for parents, guests, peers, and instructors! ​

Can I leave camp for ________?

  • We ask that you attend all classes during the camp. The arts are collaborative and your absence affects your colleagues. We of course make exceptions for illness, emergencies, and religious holidays. If you have an arts event (exhibit, concert, screening, etc.) that you feel is important to your artistic growth, please talk to the Camp Director or Coordinator and we will work it out. We want to encourage artistic growth in our students!​ Commuter students are only required to attend the academic events at the camp from 9:00-4:30. Commuter students are not allowed at the Campus Village Residence Hall but may attend some evening activities including guest artist workshops and performances. The LYNX Camp staff will not be responsible for supervising the commuter students at the evening activities. Per Auraria Campus policy, commuter students who are minors (under the age of 18), must be accompanied by an adult when attending evening and weekend activities on-campus. Students who register for the Commuter Plus option can attend all of the evening and weekend activities without the need for a parent/guardian to accompany them. 

  • If you leave camp without notifying us, it is in our safety policy to call your parents. If they do not know your whereabouts or do not answer, we then call the Auraria Campus Police. 

What should I bring to camp?

  • You will receive an orientation packet as camp approaches with a detailed packing list. Residential students should plan on bringing items such as sheets, pillows, towels, sunscreen, snacks, note-taking materials, etc. The only money that you will need at the camp will be for lunches (plan on about $8/day). Everything else will be provided as part of your camp payment.

What is the “Auraria Campus"?

  • Auraria Campus is a tri-institutional campus in downtown Denver that hosts three universities: The University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver), Community College of Denver, and Metropolitan State University of Denver.​ Our camp will take place at CU Denver on the Auraria Campus. 

Can friends and family attend LYNX Camp events? 

  • We will note in the orientation packet what events are open to the families and the public. Families are encouraged to attend the Student Showcases on the last day of camp. Students are welcome to leave with their family after these events.

Can I explore Auraria Campus and Downtown Denver on my own?

  • No, it is campus policy that minors participating in university programs are not to walk around campus on their own. We have plenty of planned events and outings that will allow you to see the campus and all that Denver has to offer.​

What safety procedures are in place at LYNX?

  • ​The Camp Director, Camp Coordinator, and Graduate Student Coordinator are all first-aid and CPR certified. All staff will be trained on how to handle emergencies.

  • During the day, students will be with instructors, coordinators, and/or teaching assistants at all times. During afternoons and evenings, residential students will be supervised by the LYNX Leaders (residential counselors), the Residence Hall Director, the Camp Coordinator, and/or the Camp Director. Overnight, students will be with the LYNX Leaders and the Residence Hall Director. The Camp Coordinator and Director will be on call. The Auraria Campus Police Department is available on-campus at all times. The health form in your acceptance packet will detail our procedures for medical emergencies. 

How do I arrange transportation to the LYNX Camp? 

  • While we aren't able to offer funding to help out-of-state students with travel expenses, we can help you to plan the logistics of your travel. For Sessions One and Two check-in will begin at noon on the first Sunday of the camps. We recommend that students arrive by 3:00 pm at the latest to ensure enough time for check-in before the Opening Meeting and to attend pre-sessions. The Opening Meeting of the camp will take place at the King Center Recital Hall from 5:00-6:00 pm. The camp ends on the last Friday of the camps around 7:00pm. Flights should be scheduled accordingly. Out of state students have the option of staying overnight on the last Friday and departing on Saturday morning. 

  • We can help arrange transportation to and from the Denver airport. The Denver lightrail is a great option for getting to campus from the airport. The A-Line runs from DIA to downtown Denver​ near the Auraria Campus. Lightrail tickets can be purchased in advance or at the airport. We will have a LYNX Camp staff member at the airport (DIA) on the first day of the camp to greet students and take the Denver lightrail to campus with the students. Other options to get to campus are SuperShuttle, ride sharing services (Lyft and Uber), and cabs.

Where do I go on the first day of the camp (June 5th or July 10th)? 

  • Residential students should go to Campus Village (318 Walnut St., Denver, CO 80204) first when they arrive on campus to get their room and move in their belongings. Our LYNX Camp residential staff will greet students and families at Campus Village and help students get moved into their rooms. Once moved in, students (and parents) should go to the Music and Dance Studio in the King Center​ (855 Lawrence Way, Denver, CO 80204) to check in for the camp. 

If I live in Denver, can I commute to campus each day instead of staying in Campus Village on campus? 

  • ​Yes, local students do have the option of commuting to campus each day. The cost of the camp is cheaper for students who commute. Please see the cost information on the Application and Cost page. Commuter students must arrive at campus by 8:50 each morning and stay until classes end at 4:30. A commuter student is not allowed in the Campus Village residence halls where the residential students stay unless the student registers as a commuter-plus student. 

What happens during the middle weekend of the camp during Session One and Two?

  • ​On the middle weekend of the Session One and Two camps, LYNX Camp residential students will participate in field trips, workshops, and other co-curricular activities to supplement what they are learning in their program classes. Some of our possible fieldtrips and events this year include: visiting the Denver Art Museum, a "behind the scenes" tour of the Pepsi Center, attending the Steel Pan Collective concerts on campus (music industry program only), visiting recording studios (music industry program students only), visiting the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art​ (Session Two students only), visiting 16th Street Mall​ in downtown Denver, visiting Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and taking a hike at Chautauqua Park near Boulder. 

If I have a special diet and/or food allergies, will your camp be able to accommodate me? 

  • ​Yes, we most likely will be able to accommodate students with special diets and/or food allergies. If you are a commuter student, you will get to choose what you eat for lunch at the Tivoli Food Court and there are many options (Subway, Asian food, salad/wraps, pizza, McDonald's, and Taco Bell). Our residential students will eat breakfast and dinner at the Campus Village dining hall. We have made arrangements to have plenty of food options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free students. Please contact us if you have special dietary issues that you would like us to be aware of for the camp. 

What LYNX Camp items will students receive when they check in at the camp? 

  • ​All students will receive a LYNX Camp t-shirt, water bottle, lanyard, and flash drive on the first day of the camp. 

Do parents have to attend the closing concert or student showcase on the last day of the camp? 
  • ​No, while it's great when family members are able to attend the closing day events, we understant that this may be difficult for our out-of-state families. We will live stream the closing events so that family and friends who aren't able to attend can view the event.

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