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University of Colorado Denver

National Center for Media Forensics


National Center for Media Forensics

NCMF Interviewed by CNN on Analysis of ISIS Videos

January 28, 2015

The National Center for Media Forensics (NCMF) continues to forensically analyze ISIS hostage videos. NCMF Director Catalin Grigoras and Associate Director Jeff Smith provide insight on the sophistication of the filming and conduct speaker recognition analysisCNN's Erin Burnett OutFront interviewed Jeff Smith about their findings.

Visit to Denver Crime Laboratory

October 22, 2014

Students from the Fall 2014 MSRA-MF cohort visit the Denver Crime Laboratory. Special thanks to Michael Bush in the Forensic imaging Unit for the tour and learning experience.

CU Denver's NCMF Study ISIS Terrorist Videos for Clues

September 2, 2014

CU Denver's National Center for Media Forensics (NCMF) has been analyzing footage from the latest horrific ISIS execution video to gain insight on the sophistication of the filming of the act itself.  NCMF Director Catalin Grigoras and Associate Director Jeff Smith are searching for clues on how the terrorists create the film, the identity of the perpetrator, where the terrorists might have appropriated the equipment, and any edits of the film. For more information from on the ongoing work of the NCMF and researcher's findings collected from the two ​ISIS videos please visit:

Boston Investigation

April 2013

Manhunt Underway for Marathon Bombing Suspects  Brooke Rogers, News 4 interviews Jeff Smith.

Jeff Smith on CNN's Erin Burnett News Hour CNN and again on Ne​ws 4.

Colorado Media Forensics Expert Shares Insight On Boston Investigation  Colorado News 4
Jeff Smith from CAM’s National Center on Media Forensics comments on the video and cell phone tracking of the suspects in the Boston Marathon Explosion.

February 18-22, 2013

Washington, DC


MSRA-MF students, graduates, and faculty at the American Academy of Forensics Science Annual Scientific Meeting in Washington, DC February 18-22, 2013.​


2-img_0859_206px.jpgMSRA-MF students and graduates attend a workshop at the AAFS conference in Washington, DC, February 19, 2013.  The workshop, "Mobile Devices Examination", was co-taught by Sam Brothers of the Dept. of Homeland Security (photographed with a fan of playing cards).  His expert card tricks were a welcomed break during the 8 hour workshop.​

3-IMG_0861_206x156px.jpgNCMF Faculty Catalin Grigoras, Jeff Smith, and Marc Rogers pictured with their entries in the recently released "Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences 2nd Ed." (Elsevier).  Catalin and Jeff co-wrote the chapters "Audio Enhancement and Authentication" and "Digital Image Enhancement and Authentication" for this seminal work for which Marc is the Digital Evidence section editor.  The four volume Encyclopedia was released at the AAFS conference in Washington, DC.

​​"Manti Te'o Girlfriend Hoax: Mastermind Explains Voice Behind Fake Girlfriend"

February 2, 2013


Jeff Smith was interviewed as an expert on Saturday's "Good Morning America" by Lindsey Davis, ABC News in New York. In the interview, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo admits he was the mastermind behind the Manti Te'o girlfriend hoax.  From the voicemail, Smith says there is no way Te'o could have known that the voice​ wasn't a woman but a man.

On January 4, 2013, Jeff Smith, Associate Director of the NCMF, was interviewed by Valerie Castro, a reporter for CBS4 News about a recent incident involving captured cell phone video that could provide valuable evidence in a hit-and-run case. Smith demonstrated how the video cellphone evidence could be gathered and evaluated to prove or disprove a mother's claim about the whereabouts of her daughter​ during the hit-and-run.

On December 11, 2012, in a recent BBC News article about audio forensics "The Hum That Helps to Fight Crime" referenced National Center for Media Forensics Director, Dr. Catalin Grigoras's pioneering work in audio authenticity and the Electric Network Frequency (ENF).

NCMF Hosts Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence​ Meeting
January 14-17, 2013

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