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University of Colorado Denver

National Center for Media Forensics

Application for International Students

Master of Science in Recording Arts emphasis in Media Forensics

Application Components – International Students

International applicants are encouraged to visit the Office of International Admissions website.

International Student Application Deadline: April 1

     Recommended Materials Completion Date: March 1​

​Program accepts students in Fall only.

Graduate Application for Admission

  • Students are required to complete the Graduate Application for Admission.
  • Under the "Academic Interest" section, select Media Forensics (MS) in the College of Arts & Media. If this designation is not accurately included, materials will not be received by the MSRA-MF Admissions Committee.
  • Contact the Assistant Director via e-mail at with notification of intent to apply. This is recommended so that application materials can be tracked by the program.

​Application Fee
  • International applicant non-refundable application fee of $75.00.
  • Fee must be paid in U.S. dollars via the online Graduate Application for Admission.​

Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test Scores
  • Applicants to the MSRA-MF degree program must submit scores from the GRE test dated within the past five years. The “General Test” offered by the Educational Testing Service assists in evaluating the analytical writing, verbal, and quantitative reasoning skills of applicants to the degree program. This examination is offered internationally by the Educational Testing Service on a continuous schedule. No minimum score is required for admission, as each student’s score will be evaluated as a portion of the complete application.
  • Scores must be received by the application deadline; therefore students should plan accordingly when scheduling their testing date. Late GRE scores are not accepted, and these applications will not be reviewed.
  • The institution code for the University of Colorado Denver where scores should be sent is: 4875. There is no department code for the program.
  • Information on the GRE can be obtained at

English Language Proficiency Requirement
  • International Applicants to the MSRA-MF degree program are required to provide evidence of English language proficiency. The language requirement can be satisfied as follows:
      • Submitting TOEFL scores at or above the minimum requirements.
          • ​Minimum score: 75 IBT or 537 PBT.
          • Minimum subscores: Reading - 15, Listening - 15, Speaking - 18, Writing - 17.
          • The institution code for the University of Colorado Denver where scores should be sent is: 4875. There is no department code for the program.
      • Submitting IELTS scores at or above the minimum requirements.
          • Minimum score: 6.5.
          • Minimum subscores: Reading - 5.5, Listening - 5.5, Speaking - 5.5, Writing - 5.5.
      • Successfully completed level 5 of the University of Colorado Denver's ESL Academy.
      • Graduation from a U.S. accredited school abroad with English as the medium​ of instruction.
      • Graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in the U.S. or successfully completed a minimum of two semesters of full-time study in a Master's program at a U.S. accredited Institution.
      • Graduation from and completed a minimum of one year of secondary school in the U.S. that included at least one unit of college preparatory English.
      • Citizenship in one of the following countries: Australia, Belize, Botswana, Canada (except Quebec,) Commonwealth Caribbean, Ghana, Great Britain, Ireland, Kenya, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, or Zimbabwe.

  • Applicants must provide one (1) official academic transcript from each college or university attended sent directly from the issuing institution to:
​          University of Colorado Denver
​             ​​​International Admissions
​             ​​​Campus Box A005/1001
​             ​​​P.O. Box 173364
​             ​​​Denver, CO 80217-3364, USA
  • Foreign language transcripts must be accompanied by a certified English translation.
  • While credits from one institution may appear on the transcript of a second institution, transcripts must be summited from each institution, regardless of the length of attendance and whether or not courses were completed.
  • Official transcripts are those that arrive in an envelope sealed by the institution or local ministry of education.
  • Please contact the Office of International Admissions for more information.​

Cover Letter
  • Applicants must submit a cover letter detailing the following:
      • Professional/educational background
      • Reason for wanting to participate in the program
      • Research interests
  • ​​​The cover letter should be uploaded in the online application.

  • ​Students are required to submit a typed​ resume as it relates to the field of forensic science. The resume must including educational background, work experience, and relevant skills. Students are also welcome to include any published works, scholarly/creative work, exhibitions, awards, or other relevant achievements.
  • The resume should be chronological, beginning with educational background and progressing to employment history. Please refrain from “functional” resumes, or those that simply summarize qualities or competencies.
  • The resume should be uploaded in the online application.

Three Letters (3) of Recommendation
  • ​Letters of recommendation are required from three (3) reference providers that can attest to the applicant’s academic and/or professional accomplishments.
  • Applicants send requests for recommendation to reference providers through the online Graduate Application for Admission. Once each request is sent, reference providers will receive an e-mail titled "Recommendation Request - CU Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus" with a secure online link to complete their recommendation.
  • Reference providers must complete their letters of recommendation by doing both of the following:
        • ​​​​​Online Recommendation FormThis is an online multiple-choice form where the reference provider will be asked to evaluate certain indicators of success for the applicant.
        • Personal Letter: This should be a formal, narrative letter uploaded by the reference provider via the online recommendation form.​​​​​
  • Letters of recommendation must be submitted online directly by each of the reference providers; letters cannot be submitted by the applicant.
  • Applicants are advised to submit requests for recommendation early enough to allow each reference provider time to submit the online form and letter prior to the deadline.
  • Incomplete letters of recommendation will not be considered and the application will not be reviewed.​

Two (2) Technical Writing Samples
  • Two (2) samples of written material authored by the applicant displaying scientific/non-fictional writing skills are required. These could be undergraduate research papers, published or unpublished articles, grant proposals, prepared reports or affidavits, etc.
  • Each writing sample must be 1,000 words or more.
  • The technical writing samples should be uploaded in the online application.

Applications that do not include all of the requirements listed above, or that include partial components, are considered incomplete and will not be reviewed. 

International Students must submit all application components in English, where applicable. 

All documents should be uploaded in the online application. If documents are being mailed to the University, please send to:

             University of Colorado Denver
             International Admissions
             Campus Box A005/1001
             P.O. Box 173364
             Denver, CO 80217-3364


Contact Us

Students are encouraged to contact us for advising on any questions they may have about the MSRA-MF program. Below are the main contacts, and the types of questions they typically address:

​Jeff M. Smith
Associate Director
(303) 315-7495

    • Philosophy of program
    • Course content
    • Facilities and equipment
    • Internships
    • Employment opportunities
    • Industry opportunities
Leah Haloin
Assistant Director
(303) 315-7496

    • Applications and application process
    • Application deadlines
    • Admissions requirements
    • Administrative questions​