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Student Project

We start our project by familiarizing ourselves with a wide range of information on the subject matter. A series of key guest speakers with Q&A sessions are given on a weekly basis.  Getting everyone on the same page and up to speed are the main reasons behind our Site Assessment stage. The process, which includes site assessment, data inventory and analysis, starts from January 22 to February 21, 2008. This initial stage gives us knowledge and background of DUS and will be followed by a public workshop and then a plaza design stage. In order to mobilize our resources and tackle this study with a holistic approach, we break into 4 main groups which are:

1. History

2. Regulatory/Financial structure

3. Physical Environment

4. Users

Each group works specifically on their topic and at the end presents their final product to the whole class and our guests to update, inform, and gain inputs. The outcome and deliverable of each group are summarized under each sub category.

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