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9th Floor Research Green Roof

Still under development

The ninth floor research area will provide a space to test the extremes of the western climate on the green roof condition.  Plants will be subjected to only natural irrigation and full sun throughout the year.    The Ninth Floor Research Area will be an exercise on the ability of a green roof to survive in the unforgiving climate of the Western region.


To analyze the data collected from the Green Roof Research Study at UCD, students will gather data on storm water run-off and plant growth. 

Storm-Water Run-off
Using aluminum tipping buckets manufactured by Campbell Scientific for Texas Instruments (model #TE525), the gauges will funnel precipitation into a bucket mechanism that tips when filled to a calibrated level. A magnet attached to the tipping mechanism actuates a switch as the bucket tips.  Students will be able to accurately identify the affect of the green roof system on storm water run-off though .1mm increments.

Plant Growth
Plant growth will be determined through both visual and measured analysis.  Plants will be grown in the same size containers from the same source, randomly placed throughout the testing area and subjected to a variety of conditions.  Students will calculate the difference (+/-cm) in biomass on regular intervals, including more frequent intervals during the growing season.  An analysis will also be performed on a visual metric whereas difference in appearance will be noted for each plant and condition.

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