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Outdoor Interactive Learning Lab

Our Mission                                          



UCD Outoor Learning Lab

The College of Architecture and  University of Colorado Denver is preparing the next generation of architects, landscape architects, planners and urban designers to create life-enhancing, sustainable environments for the 21st century.

The Outdoor Interactive Learning Lab  and University of Colorado Denver share a vision about being at the forefront in researching, promoting and developing greener technologies to create better and more self-sustainded futrure urban ecologies.  The Outdoor Learning Lab is committed to explore renewable energies and green roof technologies in this semi-arid climate and make our findings available to other professional and the general public.


The successes of the College have created the need for renovation of our building on 1250 14th Street. With strong growth in student enrollments, we are now one of the largest colleges of architecture and related disciplines in the country. 


Our vision for the college requires a new kind of space. We are re-conceiving how we teach, how we partner with our professional design community, how we address the globalization of design and planning, and how we can demonstrate sustainable design principles to our students and to our society. 


  • Outdoor classroom / Student Laboratory - plants, planters, structure and materials to measure and monitor. 
  • Create awareness: rain water reuse, wildlife habitat + plants and materials, renewable energy such as solar panels/wind, etc.
  • Use renewable energy resources - solar panels/wind, etc.
  • Maximize observation areas - from other roofs, vistas to use this project as a promotional/ marketing tool. 
  • Outdoor class room - accommodate all seasons.
  • Maintain 4th floor as a Break space.
  • Maximize aesthetics and create general awareness about wind, sun, rain, temperature and seasonal change.
  • Low maintenance and create a manual for future care.
  • Flexible design - accommodate arch studio, variable size of gate rings.


We examined these objectives through the lenses of:

Culture, Economy, Ecology, Art, Memory

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