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College of Architecture and Planning

Leila Tolderlund



Tolderlund photoContact Information

Phone: 303.315.1000: Cell 303.901.9993 

Office Location: CU Denver Building 512
Office hours: By appointment 

Landscape Architecture  

Degrees Held  

  • Master of Landscape Architecture, University of Colorado Denver (2003)
  • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering Chemistry (eq.), University of Copenhagen


Leila Tolderlund's main area of expertise and research is in Landscape Architecture and Urbanism --Design, Planning and Theory. She currently teaches Landscape Architecture Core and Advanced Vertical Design Studios, Integrated Cross-Disciplinary Site Planning seminars, Green Roof, Vertical Gardens and Other Living Systems/Design and Implementation seminars, Design Inspiration seminars, Study Abroad + International Practicum and Urban International Studio.

Leila Tolderlund also practices Landscape Architecture with her own firm - primarily on projects related to green roofs, living walls and green facades. Her primary focus is promoting a holistic approach to sustainable design strategies using green infrastructure and living systems in dense urban settings. Her teaching and practice has been largely focused on addressing trans-disciplinary, intelligent, and resilient design using Participatory Action Research (PAR) strategies to help mitigate global social, environmental and economic challenges. She believes that PAR projects that are collaborative and ‘hands-on’ generate student participation, set the stage for holistic design thinking and are engaging to all.

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, member + research committee member
American Society of Landscape Architects, member
United States Green Building Council Local Chapter, member

GRP (Green Roof Professional) Accredited 2007
LEED, NC 2.0 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited 2004



2013    PostHaus Fate 2013 National Conference, Savannah, Georgia. “Earthworks: Yesterday,                         Today, and Tomorrow” – historic and contemporary earth works.

2013    Denver Art Museum Denver, Colorado “TURF TALK - 51st Untitled”. 

2013    American Indian Council of Architects and Engineers, Denver, Colorado. “Innovative Green                     Infrastructures”.

2013    IOWA State University, Ames, Iowa. “Innovative Green Infrastructures”. 

2011    American Public Work Association - International Public Works Congress and Exposition,                         Denver, Colorado “Green Roofs in the Semi-Arid and Arid West”. 

2011    ProGreen. Denver, Colorado “Living Walls and Green Facades – opportunities and                                 constraints”

2010    “Green Roof in the Semi-Arid West”. Denver Botanic Gardens. Denver, Colorado

2010   “Green roofs in semi-arid and arid climates” and tour visiting green roofs in Lower Downtown                    Denver and Denver metro area for the Denver Metro Mayors Caucus”

2010    “Green Roof in the Arid West”. Urban Drainage and Flood Control District Headquarters.                          Denver, Colorado

2010     Green roof tour in Denver Metro Mayors and City of Denver Officials.


Tolderlund, L. Frederiksen E., Frederiksen, B., Jørsboe, F., and Alectia. ‘Green Roofs Analyses for Stormwater Management, Urban Heat Island and Energy Efficiency for City of Frederiksberg, Denmark’

Tolderlund, L., Viitanen, W. Flynt, A. Living Folds. World Green Infrastructure Conference, Nantes, France. Fall 2013. (Published Conference Abstract)

Tolderlund, L., Brunnette, J., .Aldena, C. Illusive Skin. World Green Infrastructure Conference, Nantes, France. Fall 2013. (Published Conference Abstract).

Tolderlund, L. and Rocamore, J.. Digestive Skin. World Green Infrastructure Conference, Nantes, France. Fall 2013. (Published Conference Abstract).

Tolderlund, L., Flinch, H. and Xiaojiao, G. Space as Sponge. World Green Roof Congress, Green Infrastructure Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark. Fall 2012. (Published Conference Abstract).
Tolderlund, L., Pisa, H. and Bosco, C. Green Roofs in the Semi-Arid and Arid West. American Public Works Reporter Magazine. September  2011. 

Tolderlund,  L.  Advanced  Maintenance  for  Green  Roofs  (training  manual  for  GRP  exam). Collaboration with Green Roofs for Healthy Cities/Committee member. April 2011. 


LA/ARCH/URPL 6712 Green Roofs, Vertical Gardens and Other Living Systems  
LA 5500         Landscape Architecture Studio I 
LA/MECH 4035/4208 Integrated Systems 
URBN 6612 International Urban Design Studio - Copenhagen Denmark
LDAR 6686-M02           International Practicum - Copenhagen Denmark‡
LDAR 6686-002           Design Inspiration
LDAR 6686-M01           Sustainable Sites + Integrated Systems‡
LA/ARCH/URP 6632   Integrated Cross-Disciplinary Site Planning
LA 6700/6701/6607   Advanced Vertical Landscape Architecture Studios (5+7/6+8)‡


2010: Excellence in Teaching Award in the College of Architecture and Planning, University of                           Colorado Denver.
2008: Faculty Development Award in the College of Architecture and Planning, University of                             Colorado Denver.
2006: AIA (American Institute for Architecture) AIA Fisher’s traveling scholarship - documentation                     of EXIT, Novisad, Serbia.
2005: ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architecture) Design and Planning National                                   Student/Faculty Award
2003: ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architecture) Honor Award
2003/2002/2001: UCD College of Arch & Planning Award of Academic Achievement
2003: UCD College of Architecture & Planning International Student Award
2002: Hideo Sasaki’s National Award of Merit
2002: AmeriCorps National Tuition Award of Merit
2002: BHA Design Inc. Outstanding Graduate Landscape Architecture Student.


2013 Pop-up Dye Garden at the Denver Art Museum. A  commissioned  exhibition of a Dye Garden installation over five months at the front entrance during the Denver Art Museum's ‘SPIN’ exhibits. Professional practice commission + University of Colorado Denver and Denver Art Museum (DAM) collaboration. Landscape Architecture, Project Manager and Senior Instructor.

2012  Carlsberg Properties Galleries, Copenhagen, Denmark - Living Systems - a new way of     understanding green building technologies.  

2012  910 Arts Gallery, Denver, Colorado - Outdoor live-work-grow – green infrastructures and   renewable energies at 910 Arts. 

2012 Denver Public Library, Denver, Colorado - Conceptual design for the new green roofs at     the Denver Public Library on display.  


2014        Infrastructure and Research for Integrated Systems (IRIS). Senior Instructor + Research     Associate. Forming and guiding a trans- disciplinary partnership between University of Colorado Denver’s College of Engineering and Applied Science, College of Architecture and Planning, Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) and Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD). (2012-2014)

2013 North Class Room Green Roof Research Project at UCD. Senior Instructor  and Research   Associate for PAR collaborative classes and professional interaction to envision and fund green roof project. (2012-2013)
2012 Carlsberg Byen, UCC University and future transit station - Copenhagen, Denmark: Trans- disciplinary collaboration using living systems and green infrastructure to improve public space and urban sustainability.
2012 University of Colorado Denver Green Roof Research Project. Senior Instructor + Research Associate for educational and independent studies for conceptual design, design development, construction documentation, website design and grant writing/ funding.(2006-2012).

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