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College of Architecture and Planning

Julee Herdt


BioSips, inc, ceo 
Licensed Architect Since 1985

Contact Information:

Phone: 303.315.1005
Office Location: CU Denver Building, 320S 
Office Hours: Varies by semester
Link to CV



Degrees Held

  • MArch, Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Los Angeles, California (1989)
    “Best Graduate Thesis Award” Thesis Advisor, Wolf Prix, Partner, Coop Himmelblau, Vienna + Los Angeles. 
  • BArch, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee (1980)
    Awarded “Chancellor's Citation for Extraordinary Professional Promise” Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society.
  • Pre-architecture, engineering and science, University of Louisville, Speed School of Engineering, (1976-77)
  • BS in Industrial Technology, Western Kentucky University (1975) 
    with minor in Interior Design 

Recent Courses TAUGHT


    Julee Herdt is an award-winning architect, Professor of Architecture, and researcher at the University of Colorado. At CU and in private practice, Julee works as a pioneer in development and application of biobased, low-embodied-energy building materials from waste fibers.  

    Her “BioSIPs” inventions demonstrate repurposed cellulose of all types converted into low-carbon, high performance construction products for a healthier environment and improved human health.  Julee was the Architecture Faculty Lead on both of CU’s back-to-back, first place, award-winning Solar Decathlon projects. In these international competitions, Julee and student teams took first-place titles by proving on a world stage that innovative biobased construction, powered using renewable energy systems can not only compete with, but can outperform standard, more carbon-intensive methods.  

    At the University of Colorado, BioSIPs have resulted in the first-ever patents for the College of Architecture and Planning, and the third and fourth-ever patents for CU’s Denver campus.  BioSIPs inventions have garnered a State of Colorado, US Green Building Council (USGBC) “New Products” award, an “Excellence in Renewable Energy in Buildings” award, as well as numerous other recognitions.  

    Julee’s peer-reviewed research has been published by the International Solar Energy Society, the American Solar Energy Society, Oxford Academic Press, and others.  Using building science metrics for comparative analysis, Julee’s first residential prototype called “The Farmhouse, in which she employed a comprehensive array of U.S. Department of Agriculture-sponsored biobased materials including her own inventions, was compared to a similar scale standard stick frame construction.  Results showed the Farmhouse to exhibit a 40% reduced embodied energy footprint, and 70% reduced energy-in-operation.  See “The application of ecosystems services criteria for green building assessment”, Olgay and Herdt, Elsevier.  Julee continues on-going biofiber building material R&D with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Products Laboratory.  In an upcoming residential case study that she’s developing for her site in Boulder, Julee will seek to demonstrate even greater embodied energy and energy-in-use improvements, by applying new generation BioSIPs inventions for steel container home design.

    Julee’s company, BioSIPs, Inc, is a woman-owned tech-based corporation and CU’s first architecture spin-off company.  Major funding for her work has been through the US Department of Agriculture, the US Department of Energy, the State of Colorado, CU, and through private investments. 

    As a licensed architect, Julee has worked throughout the U.S. and abroad with architecture firms including Morphosis, Los Angeles; Coop Himmelblau, Vienna; and Frank O. Gehry, Santa Monica.  

    Julee received her M.Arch from SCI-Arc, Southern California Institute of Architecture, where she received a “Best Graduate Thesis Project” award.  She received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Tennessee with honors, and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology from Western Kentucky University. 

Research Interests

  • Development of biobased building materials from waste fibers.  Research, testing, application, and commercialization, and integration of these with recycled materials, and renewable energy systems
  • Patenting of biobased building materials in private practice and at CU in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Founding of BioSIPs, Inc. a Colorado-based clean-tech corporation and woman-owned tech-based corporation based on Herdt’s patented environmental building material invention, “BioSIPs”.  This is CU’s first architecture spin-off company.
  • Principal Investigator: “State of Colorado, Colorado Department of Health and Environment, recycling grant for BioSIPs development
  • Principal Investigator:  Heimbold Foundation “Renewable Energy in Architecture” grant
  • Principal Investigator:  CU-U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Products Laboratory, Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA)

    Patent Writing and Research

    Julee Herdt’s patents include:  

  • US Patent 9,740,799 B2; Cut, Shape, Fold Technology for Engineered Fiberboard  
  • US Patent 9,010,054 B22016; BioSIPs, Structural Insulated Panels.  
  • As an inventor, her patent success rate is 100%
  • Julee’s patents are the first-ever for the College of Architecture and Planning
  • Her patents are the third and seventh ever for CU’s Denver campus
  • Julee has served, by nomination, on CU’s “Committee on University Discoveries” for review of university patent policy, issues, and changes. 
  • Watch a video about Julee Herdt's BioSIPs here​

  • Funded Research: Author and principal investigator

    Grants and Cooperative Agreements for environmental architecture and green building material technologies.

  • 2011   State of Colorado, Advanced Technology Fund Research Grant: “Diverting Solid Waste into High Performance, Environmental Building Products.”   $245,000  
  • 2008-09   “Quantification and application of fundamental material properties for 3D-enginered fiberboard for BioSIP development”, Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, CRADA, between CU and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Products Laboratory through State of Colorado, Advanced Technology funds.  $44,550 (see entry below).  
  • 2008 –07   Heimbold Foundation Award in support of Professor Julee Herdt’s environmental architecture research at CU (unsolicited award based on recognition of work).  $7,000
  • 2007   University of Colorado, Faculty Grant Award.  Principal Investigator:  “Second Generation BioSIPs:  Biobased Structural Insulated Building Panel System Finite Element Modeling, Design Application & Patenting.”  $5000.
  • 2005   CU Solar Decathlon project “Request for Proposal”, US Department of Energy, with CU College of Engineering & Applied Science. $5,000
  • 2003   CU Solar Decathlon project “Request for Proposal”, US Department of Energy,    $5,000
  • 1999   Richard Crowther Environmental Grant Funding.  $7,000.  
  • 1998   United States Department of Agriculture, Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation:  Industrialized Agricultural Architecture; Energy Analysis and Public Relations.  $50,000.
  • 1998   University of Colorado at Denver, Faculty Research Award, Research and Creative Activities Committee: Development of a Thermal Performance Toolkit Prototype for Measuring and Evaluating Industrialized Architecture.  $3,169. 
  • 1998   National Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium, Washington, D.C.: Geothermal Engineering for The Farmhouse.  $2,500
  • 1996   University of Colorado President's Initiative Fund for Technology, Faculty Grant.  Co-Principal Investigator:  Toolkit for Technology Enhanced Design Education Grant.  Total funding $66,485; $3,500-Julee Herdt's project. 
  • 1994   United States Department of Agriculture, Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation:  Commercialization Assistance for Development of Gridcore Products from Engineered Molded Fiber Technology.   $850,000.
  • 1992-94   United States Department of Agriculture, Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation:  Gridcore Panels from Kenaf.  $50,000.
  • 1992-93   United States Department of Agriculture, Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization Corporation:  Gridcore Panels from Kenaf.  $50,000 

  • Refereed publications: research

  • 2016   "Newly Invented Biobased Materials from Low-Carbon, Diverted Waste Fibers:Research Methods, Testing, and Full-Scale Application in a Case Study Structure.”  Oxford Academic Press.  International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies. 
  • 2007   “Relationship between design and research in the Twenty-First Century.”  Work included in 2007 Cranbrook Teachers Conference proceedings.
  • 2004   “Application of EcoSystems Services Criteria for Green Building Assessment”​.  Co-authored with Dr. Victor Olgay.  Published by the International Solar Energy Society.  Fourth most downloaded science publication on Science Direct in 2004.
  • 2003   "How Green is My Building:  An Energy and Material Assessment of the Bio-based Farmhouse.”  Co-authored with Dr. Victor Olgay.  Published by The American Solar Energy Society and the American Institute of Architects in the “Solar 2003 Special Issue.”   Edited by J. Reynolds, R. Perez and D. Renne.  
  • 2002   “Environmental Design: Industrialized Agricultural Architecture, IAA & the Farmhouse”. American Collegiate Schools of Architecture, ACSA National Conference Proceedings.


  • 2013   “US Green Building Council, USGBC, Colorado Public Interest Design Award”, through nomination.  Overall award for the “Products” category for BioSIPs: “In recognition of experimentation and commitment to visionary environmental and health-related impacts with projected economic impacts.”   A total of six statewide awards presented during the Rocky Mountain Green sustainability conference.  April 26, Denver. 
  • 2008   Excellence in Research and Creative Activities Award. College of Architecture and Planning.  
  • 2007   AIA Latrobe Prize Finalist.  One of five national finalists in the AIA’s highest research prize competition for submittal:  “Biobased Building Materials & the Eco-Education Schoolhouse Design and Curriculum.”  
  • 2004   “Environmental Leadership Award”, State of Colorado, Department of Public Health and Environment.  Nominated by the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, Denver office.
  • 2002   “Research/Creative Activities Award”  College of Architecture and Planning. Faculty Awards Forum​

  • REFEREED AWARDS: teaching

  • 2005   “Mentor of the Year Award”.  American Institute of Architects, Colorado North.
  • 2003   “Educator of the Year Award”.    Masonic Lodges of Colorado.
  • 2002   “National Faculty Design Award”   American Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

  • presen​tations of REFEREED work: research and creative

  • 2007    Invited speaker and panelist at the 2007 Cranbrook Teachers Conference.  Bloomfield, Michigan. Member of the “Design and Research” panel on topic “Relationship between design and research in the twenty-first century.”
  • 2007   Invited speaker at the National AIA Convention, San Antonio. Topic:  "Solar Decathlon: Learning Lab for Education and Practice."  
  • 2007   Invited presenter to the AIA Latrobe Prize Committee and FAIA Members at AIA national headquarters, Washington, DC “Biobased Building Materials & the Eco-Education Schoolhouse Design and Curriculum.”  
  • 2005   CU Sustainable Energy Forum
  • 2004   International Solar Energy Society Conference
  • 2003    National American Solar Energy Society and American Institute of Architects, AIA
  • International Interior Design Society, Sustainable Design Event 
  • Speaker US Green Building Council, Colorado Chapter, Fall 2003.  Educational Program.
  • 2002   American Collegiate Schools of Architecture National Conference Proceedings.

    Work reviewed in media, Non-refereed 

  • 2015   U.S. Department of State, Office of Broadcast Services in Collaboration with the Embassy of Dushanbe, Tajikistan.  Film for Jahonnamo television: “Alternative construction methods and alternative energy sources in the United States." 
  • 2003   Home and Garden Television.  Dream Builder Program. "The Edible House."  Program 911. 
  • 2002   Channel 2, Denver.  "The Farmhouse from Recycled Materials." April.
  • 2002   Colorado Public Radio Program.  "Architect uses agricultural-products." January.
  • 2003   Vietnam Urban Environmental Technology Exchange Project Video.  "Colorado Technologies for a Sustainable World."  
  • Recognitions and honors​

  • 2005   “Colorado Green Leader",  “CU Emerging Leaders Program”   
  • 2004   “Outstanding Faculty Member Recognition”, American Institute of Architects, CU Student Chapter, AIAS.​


  • 2016   CU on the Horizon.  “Professor garners first patent for college, third for CU Denver.  
  • 2015   The Advocate, CU.  “CU Professor turns trash into treasure.”   Oct. 20
  • Colorado Public Radio. “CU Denver Professor: Build with Beer-Making Waste & Cow Dung.” Oct 7
  • CU Today Online.  “First Patent for College of Architecture.”  Sept 15
  • Denver Business Journal.  “CU Denver tech turns waste into buildings.”​  Sept 14
  • Channel 7 News, Denver ABC Affiliate.  “New technology creates strong, lightweight building materials from waste paper, weeds, and hemp.”   Sept
  • AzoBuild.  “  Professor Obtains Patent for Eco-Friendly Construction System, First for CU Denver’s College of Architecture and Planning.“   Sept
  • Nature World News. “Waste re-use and tech: Patent awarded for recycled building materials.” Sept
  • Waste Dive Online.  “CU Denver professor creates buildings out of waste.”  Sept
  • Architectural Baanlaesuan Magazine.  Thailand.  
  • ​2014   CU Denver Today. "Furniture of the Future: Solar Decathlon winner creates sustainable building material." June.
  • 2010  Sci-Arc website article.  “SCI-Arc and CalTech enter international Solar Decathlon.”  Interviewed for article and cited as SCI-Arc alum and architecture faculty lead on back-to-back wins in the first two Solar Decathlons.  
  • “The BioSIP Project.”  Haefele International Professional Trade Newsletter. Collaborative product developments between Hafele furniture company and CU BioSIP project developments described.  Fall
  • “BioSIPs: A conversation with Julee Herdt and Kellen Schauermann.”  Detours in Design, on-line CU architecture student newsletter.  Victoria Menchaca.  April
  • 2009   “Technology Transfer Tactics” national tech transfer newsletter, BioSIPs work cited under the title: “Innovation of the Week:  Colorado University researchers turning trash into cash crop.” March 30.
  • 2008   Sci-Arc website article. “Julee Herdt receives a State of Colorado, Advanced Technology Fund Research Grant.”  
  • 2007   Boulder County Home & Garden e-Magazine.  "Refining Recycling.”  Fall feature. 
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  • 2010   “BioSIPs: From Egg Cartons to Eco-Panels, 'Green Design' Comes of Age”​
  • Inside CU.  CU faculty / staff E-Newsletter.  Melanie O. Massengale, University Communications 
  • 2009   “Issues in Green Building and the Federal Response:  An Introduction”, Author: Eric A Fischer, Senior Specialist in Science and Technology, BioSIPs work at CU cited in “Congressional Research Service Report” for use by congressional members committee’s research in green building technology.


  • 2005   International Solar Decathlon Competition​​
    • First Place “Overall Winner”​ 
    • First Place, "Communications Event Winner"
    • First Place “Documentations Event Winner” with Special Recognition for  excellence in Website, Branding, and Competition Publications”
    • First Place “Getting Around”
    • “Best Green Design”  BP Solar Award
    • “Best Home Construction”  Do It Yourself Network Award
    • “Energy Efficiency in Design Award, Second Place”  Home Builders  q Association, HBA
  • 2002   International Solar Decathlon Competition
    • First Place “Overall Winner” 
    • First Place “Website Event Winner” 
    • “People’s Choice Award, Second Place”


  • 2006   “CU Campus Environmental Award” for 2005 CU Solar Decathlon project  
  • 2005   "ReWard for Environmental Leadership.”  Colleges of architecture and engineering for 2005 Solar Decathlon win. Center for Resource Conservation, Boulder
  • 2003   “CU Campus Environmental Award.” Solar Decathlon Team Award
  • 2003   "Wirth Chair Community Award.” Colleges of architecture and engineering for 2005 Solar Decathlon win. 


  • 2006 President George W. Bush and the U.S. House of Representatives.  (I was invited to attend but due to illness invited engineering student, Jeff Lyng to attend in my place.) 2005 CU project presented by Senator Ken Salazar. Entered into Congressional Record in November 2005.
  • 2005 U.S. House Committee on Science
  • 2002 President George W. Bush and the US House of Representatives.  2002 project presented by Congressman Mark Udall and entered into Congressional Record.


  • 2000 Representing the United States Department of Agriculture, Alternative Agricultural Research & Commercialization Corporation, Bio-Based Building Material Development: Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Technical Evaluation Center, Building Materials Committee Work: Determining Methods for Evaluating and Comparing Green Building Materials to Standard Building Material Counterparts."
  • 1999   Speaker. United States Department of Agriculture, Alternative Agricultural Research & Commercialization Corporation, Annual Board of Director's meeting.  Denver.  
  • 1998   Rural Housing Service: "Methods for bio-based building materials in housing." Sept 1998
  • 1997   National Marketplace for the Environment Conference. Washington, D.C.  Presentation:  "The Farmhouse - A Bio-Based Project from USDA Sponsored Agricultural Materials.”
  • 1996   Thriving in the Green Building Marketplace Conference.  U.S. Dept of Commerce, American Institute of Architects.  Representative for USDA Alternative Agricultural Research & Commercialization Corporation at bio-based building material conference.  San Diego. 
  • 1994   University of Kentucky, Kentucky Tobacco Research Board.  Presentation:  "Engineered Molded Fiber Technology as a New Use for Tobacco By-Products." 
  • 1994   USDA Agricultural Day. Washington, D.C. Video: "New Uses for Agricultural Products." 
  • 1994   First Annual New England ECO EXPO.  Session Presentation:  "Bio-based Building Materials as Alternatives to Petroleum-Based Products."  Boston. 
  • Boulder Channel 8 Public Television, Greenpoints Program for education of energy and resource efficient everyday living.  Production:  "The Farmhouse Environmental Home."
  • 2004   CU Sustainable Energy Forum, September 13.  USGBC, Colorado Conference Speaker, Sept.
  • 2003   International Solar Energy Conference and National American Solar Energy Society conference. “An Energy and Material Assessment of the Bio-based Farmhouse. Austin.  June.
  • 2003   International Interior Design Society, Sustainable Design Event, Speaker
  • 2003   US Green Building Council, Colorado Chapter, Fall 2003.  Educational Program Speaker
  • 2002   Environmental Design: Industrialized Agricultural Architecture, IAA & The Farmhouse presented at the ACSA 2002 National Conference Proceedings

  • 2014   Channel 7 News, Denver ABC Affiliate.  “CU Denver Architecture Students Design Homes for Vets and their Service Dogs.”​  Nov 11.  Veteran’s Day.​
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    • 2004   Environmental Protections Agency, EPA, grant for proposal of an environmental education facility in Commerce City, Colorado. Principal Investigator: Anu Ranuswami, CU College of Engineering, Denver Campus. Julee Herdt, Co-Principal Investigator. $10,000
    • 1995-97    USDA Small Business Innovation Research Grant SBIR. "Replacing Pulpwood and Solid Wood Residues with Wastepaper for Veneer and Fiberboard Panels": Phase II. Commercialization of fiber research and product development from Phase I grant. PI: Dr. Ben Bryant, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington, Seattle. $179,000 
    • 1995-97   USDA Small Business Innovation Research Grant SBIR. "Replacing Pulpwood and Solid Wood Residues with Wastepaper for Veneer and Fiberboard Panels": Phase I. Panel prototype and testing of Gridcore panels from lowest grade waste paper sources. PI: Dr. Ben Bryant, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington, Seattle $50,000 

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