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College of Architecture and Planning University of Colorado Denver

Center of Preservation Research




The Center of Preservation Research’s assessment program is dedicated to classifying existing conditions, recommending treatment approaches and options, and analyzing potential reuse opportunities for the historic buildings and structures that surround us, producing detailed written and photographic reports. The goal is to thoroughly understand the building’s condition prior to any physical work being accomplished.


The Center of Preservation Research’s documentation program strives to preserve artifacts, structures and cultural landscapes with a wide range of tools and strategies. The accurate recordation and research of these objects and places become critical processes to create comprehensive documentation for scholars and interested members of the public. This increased awareness of our surroundings and how these places fit in a historical and spatial context are important outcomes for our documentation projects and research.


The Center of Preservation Research’s survey program is dedicated to identifying, researching, recording, evaluating, designating and interpreting the historic buildings and landscapes that surround us, producing detailed written and photographic records. Our goal is to foster an increased understanding and awareness of our built environment.

Center of Preservation Research (CoPR)

Ekaterini Vlahos, • Phone: 303-556-6502
CoPR Office: phone: 303-315-5871 • fax: 303-315-5872
Location: 1250 14th Street, 3rd Floor, Denver, CO 80202
Mailing Address: Campus Box 126, PO Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364

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