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College of Architecture and Planning University of Colorado Denver

Center of Preservation Research

Built Environments

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Built Environments

We live in a built world. Whether urban, rural, resort, suburban, or small town, we negotiate our everyday lives through man-made surroundings that are the setting and substance of human activity.

It is mainly a world of ordinary, vernacular dwellings, public spaces, and commercial enterprises punctuated by the work and works of professional architects, landscape architects, engineers, and urban planners. Scaled down to the level of living room and up to the magnitude of a neighborhood, the built environment remains a central focus of historic preservation.

So, at CoPR we honor the ordinary and celebrate the extraordinary. CoPR is committed to creating a context for both prudent change and enduring preservation--through research, documentation, surveying, and planning for the future of built environments.

Center of Preservation Research (CoPR)

Ekaterini Vlahos, • Phone: 303-556-6502
CoPR Office: phone: 303-315-5871 • fax: 303-315-5872
Location: 1250 14th Street, 3rd Floor, Denver, CO 80202
Mailing Address: Campus Box 126, PO Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364

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