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For information on the types of financial aid available, office policies and resources, please visit the Office of Financial Aid website.


Here are a few things to keep in mind as you proceed with the financial aid process:

  1. Apply Early - the earlier you complete and submit your financial aid forms, the sooner you will receive your award.
  2. Read Instructions Carefully - completing the FAFSA incorrectly will delay your financial aid process.
  3. Follow Up - make it a point to check in with CU Denver's Office of Financial Aid periodically to check the status of your application.
  4. Respond Quickly - if you are contacted by the Federal Processor or by CU Denver requesting additional information, a delay in your response may jeopardize your eligibility and award amount.
  5. Keep Good Records - create a file exclusively for all of your financial aid forms and correspondence, and photocopy all of your completed application materials before you submit them.
  6. Write your name and student number on all documents.
  7. Note that all application materials are kept confidential. We recommend that you make and keep copies of all financial aid documents.

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