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Concentration: Urban Place Making

College of Architecture and Planning

This information is for students who enrolled in the MURP program in Spring 2013 or earlier. Students who are starting the program in Fall 2013 or later, click here​ to find information on our new program and curriculum. 

The Urban Place Making concentration addresses the interrelations between physical design, urban morphology, land use regulations, and other forces such as market trends, regional policies shaping the urban environment and their impacts on quality of life. Curriculum in this concentration emphasizes form-based planning.

Some of the learning outcomes include:

  • Ability to communicate physical design with an audience by public speech / Listening / Accommodating: Public workshop skills / Participation techniques / Consensus building / Graphics / PowerPoint / GIS / SketchUp / Community Wiz
  • Understanding the impacts of engineering and public works standards on physical environment: Traffic / Fire / Storm and sanitary / Public works
  • A working knowledge and understanding of the impacts of market forces on physical environment: Real estate planning, Market analysis, Private/public partnership models

For information on the UPM Concentration, contact Dr. Jennifer Steffel Johnson at 303.315.0061 or via email​​. 

Urban Place Making Curriculum

This concentration aims at providing you with a special kind of expertise that combines design thinking and land use planning. The goal is to produce planners who can effectively guide the physical form of urban development to serve the functional and social needs of an increasingly diverse public, while negotiating the realities and constraints of the real estate market and economic development goals of cities and communities.

Foundation Courses (9 Credits):
Course Number Course Title Credits
URP 6633 Urban Form Theory 3
URP 6635 City Building 3
URP 6637 Comprehensive Planning 3


Specializations Within the Concentration (6 Credits)

If you elect the UPM Concentration, you may chose from available specializations that are aligned with certificate programs. Currently, these include one option--Historic Preservation. However, a Healthy Communities specialization is currently under development.

Other specializations are shown below. If you are interested in Project Development and Planning, you may also consider pursuing a dual degree with the School of Business.

In consultation with the Concentration Coordinator, select a minimum of two courses from one of the specialization areas described below. You may also construct your own specializations, in consultation with the Concentration Coordinator.

Urban Design 
Course Number Course Title Credits
LA 6632 Site Planning 3
UD 6610 Infrastructure Studio 6
UD 6611 Regulatory Studio 6
UD 6612 Urban Synthesis Studio 6
UD 6640 History of the City 3
UD 6641 Design Process/Practice 3
UD 6642 Design Policy/Regulation 3


Historic Preservation
Course Number Course Title Credits
URP 6634 Preservation Theory and Practice 3
URP 6686/Hist5660 Colorado Historical Places 3


Course Number Course Title Credits
URP 6673 Transportation Planning I 3
URP 6674 Transportation Planning II 3


Project Development and Planning
Course Number Course Title Credits
URP 6660 Real Estate Development 3
URP 6661 Real Estate Development Finance 3
URP 6665 Urban Market Analysis 3
P AD 5060 Public Finance 3
P AD 5625 Local Government Management 3
OPMG 6800 Project Management 3


Community Design, CYE
Course Number Course Title Credits
URP 6676 Urban Housing 3
URP 6642 Neighborhood Planning 3
URP 6640 Community Development Process 3
URP 6686 Health & Development across the life span 3
URP 6686 Methods in Community Development 3


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