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Pre-2013 Program Information

College of Architecture and Planning

This information is for students who enrolled in the MURP program in Spring 2013 or earlier. Students who are starting the program in the Fall 2013 semester or later, click here​​ to find information on our new program and curriculum.​​

The Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP) is the degree for students intending to practice as planners or to apply the planner's insight beyond traditional career destinations. Planning skills are highly marketable wherever systematic, holistic and strategic thinking is a prime requirement.

MURP students must complete:

  • A minimum of 51 semester hours of graduate work, including: 
    • All core courses (27 semester hours)
    • A selected Concentration (15 semester hour minimum)
    • Additional electives (9 semester hours)

If you are entering the program and have already engaged in the study of planning, you may petition the faculty during your initial semester to determine whether any credit will be awarded or degree requirements relaxed as a result of these prior activities. A maximum of 15 credits of course work can be applied for advanced standing. The standard credit limit on transfers from other universities outside the University of Colorado System is 9 credits.

Advanced Standing

Students with prior education in urban planning may qualify for advanced standing.  Up to 9 credits of course waivers may be granted when the prior coursework meets prescribed level, content and quality thresholds.  Additional advanced standing is at the Chair's discretion.  To be awarded advanced standing, the student must complete a waiver form and provide documentation of their prior coursework; all waivers must be approved in writing by the Department Chair or Associate Chair.​


MURP applicants are expected to present by the start of classes a basic level of computer literacy and should be familiar with PC or Apple operating systems. Acquiring familiarity with digital visualization techniques and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) prior to the onset of classes is encouraged but not required. Certain non-credit short courses may be offered to bolster mastery during the fall and spring semesters. Essential topics in this realm will be covered in a series of as many as three skills modules during Studio I.


Dual Degrees

Dual degrees are now offered combining the Master of Urban and Regional Planning:

In every instance the total credit requirement of the Dual Degree is considerably less than would be needed if each degree were independently pursued. In addition, MURP graduates may subsequently seek admission to the College's Master of Urban Design and Ph.D. programs.

Independent Study and Thesis Courses

To engage in an independent study course, the student must provide the instructor with an outline of the topic of study, a time schedule for completion of the work, and a summary of intended work products if any. The instructor may require additional supporting materials before agreeing to proceed. Independent study is particularly encouraged when the topic of study would fall outside of our regular curriculum, or if deeper knowledge is sought than is provided in a regular course offering.

  • Independent Study courses (URP 6840) and Thesis work (URP 6950 and URP 6951) may meet Concentration requirements, depending on the topic, upon the Program Advisor's approval
  • Thesis for 6 or more credits may substitute for Studio II

If you are considering Thesis work, you must:

  • Secure a thesis advisor from our regular faculty
  • Assemble a committee
  • Secure approval of the Thesis proposal before work commences
  • Comply with the official campus form guidelines
  • Make a final presentation
  • Win the approval of the committee
  • File a bound copy in the Auraria Library

MURP Internships

Up to 3 credits of the 51-credit MURP Program may be undertaken in internship work. For an internship, you must secure the consent of an employer, obtain the approval of a faculty advisor for the work, file the needed "contract," and obtain necessary signatures--those of the prospective employer, faculty internship advisor and of course your own. 

The employer is to submit a final, written appraisal and the faculty internship advisor will then assign a final (pass/fail) grade. The grade will be based upon the employer's report and the student's own summation of work done and knowledge gained.

For information about MURP internships, contact Dr. Jennifer Steffel Johnson via email​ or 303.315.0061.​

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