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College of Architecture and Planning


The Master of Urban and Regional Planning Program at the University of Colorado Denver has evolved to become one of the strongest, most unique planning programs in the United States. We offer a very hands-on, real-world oriented program that uses Colorado as our classroom and engages students with top planning/design professionals and the community.

We believe that successful city building requires expertise, breadth, interdisciplinary understanding, and creativity.  Our program looks beyond traditional professional silos and instead centers on issues at the forefront of planning practice. Our three Initiatives—Healthy Communities, Urban Revitalization, and Regional Sustainability—form the basis of our research, instruction, and community outreach.

We encourage all students to follow their passion and develop expertise in the areas that matter most to them. Thus, we offer a unique, self-directed curriculum that allows students to understand the breadth of the planning field while gaining the technical expertise demanded by the profession.

Our world-class faculty includes some of the most respected researchers in the planning field, and our award-winning planning practitioners bring a wealth of experience to the classroom.  All of our faculty make teaching a top priority.

Our presence in a College of Architecture and Planning ensures that our approach to planning education has a strong connection to design, and our location in the heart of downtown Denver presents our students with endless opportunities to learn what it takes to create amazing cities.


The MURP program has new online resource! The MURP Community Website offers an in-depth look at our MURP program and its mission, features, initiatives, curriculum, and much more. Visit often, as the MURP Community Website is updated frequently with news about many of the exciting things our MURP students, faculty, and alumni are working on, and information about MURP program events and activities. 

To learn how to apply to our MURP program, including our admission requirements, application submittal process and schedule, forms and contact information, tuition and fees, scholarship and financial aid resources, etc., please visit the College of Architecture and Planning’s Admissions page. 


WICHE stands for the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, a regional organization headquartered in Boulder that was created in the 1950s to help higher education systems in the western United States share resources with each other. The participating WICHE states and territories include: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

WRGP stands for the Western Regional Graduate Program which is coordinated by WICHE. The WRGP is a tuition-reciprocity program that allows graduate students who live in one of the WICHE states to enroll in certain high-quality, distinctive graduate programs located outside of their home state and yet pay the in-state resident tuition rate. This results in a substantial savings on tuition!

The CU Denver MURP program is a qualified WICHE-WRGP program—the only graduate urban planning program in the Rocky Mountain region that offers this opportunity! Therefore, anyone living in a WICHE state can apply to the CU Denver MURP program as a WICHE-WRGP applicant and, if accepted into the MURP program, pay Colorado in-state resident tuition. For more about WICHE-WRGP, visit their webpage

When applying to the CU Denver MURP program, students should indicate they are a WICHE-WRGP applicant and provide a photocopy of their driver’s license that demonstrates they currently reside in a WICHE state or territory.


The faculty of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning consists of a purposeful mix of full-time tenured/tenure-track faculty, full-time instructors, and a diverse group of part-time lecturers who keep one foot in the professional practice of planning and one in the classroom. The MURP program and its students benefit from the rich contributions of the scholarly research accomplished by our tenured/tenure-track faculty, and the practice-oriented instruction provided by our lecturers and instructors. To learn more about our MURP faculty members, please visit the MURP Faculty Directory or the MURP Faculty Profiles page on the MURP Community Website.


Our commitment to our students extends across many areas: providing them with exceptional instruction and research-backed knowledge about planning; inspiring them to achieve great things in their personal and professional lives; exposing them to planning professionals, real-world planning situations, and state-of-the-art learning resources; and helping them choose their best academic and career paths through advising and mentoring. For more information about our MURP students, please visit the Student Profile page on the MURP Community Website.


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